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By: Asimitel  09-12-2011
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Pronounced (pawn~doo) the Greek word for "everywhere". Asimitel has shipped tens of thousands of the 2500 series desk and wall (2554) phones for facilities across the globe. These continue to be the workhorses of the telecom industry, never disappointing and light on the budget. Asimitel offers such models as the Pandu Classic &, Pandu Plus&, Pandu Guest&and the most popular of the bunch the heavy duty, all-star the Pandu Armor&

Our Courtesy & Hot-Line Phones. Designed for a wide variety of applications ranging from kiosks, reservations, catalog sales and many more. Asimitel No-Dial (for answer-only or hook-up to your own means of dialing out) & Programmable Auto-Dial (lift the handset and it speed dials a no. automatically) Units. These Dial-Less phones are available in desk & or wall mount versions &  ending with the designation "ND" (for No-Dial) or "AD" (for Auto-Dial) with the newest addition, and probably the most important
Hot-Line of them all the  model

Our unique invention that allows you to place information, instructions, advertising, etc. with any wall mountable telephone. Originally invented for use at cashier stations in retail settings to clear up clutter, organize store phone codes and eliminate hand written notes the PhoneWindow by Asimitel mounts to any
wall or existing jack then mount your phone to it. The PhoneWindow is available in two styles: the V-Shape or the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Rectangular version that accepts a 8.5" x 11" piece of paper for easy swap out of the Sign Card. PhoneWindows are also available in with pre-printed signage for uses such as:  Emergency, Courtesy, Information, etc..

Economical solutions for those who need dedicated Emergency phones. Reduce confusion and save time in an Emergency with a phone that's clearly marked and visible from a distance. Asimitel Emergency Phones eliminate the need to spend hundreds of dollars to meet requirements or protect your guests/employees/customers. Phone models are available in different configurations with different graphics for applications such as , , , Help, Security, Information, Assistance, etc.

We feature all in-house design and printing to handle any request. Hard copy or do-it-yourself digital templates now available for download in our Download Product Sheets section to help complete your design. Dollar Rent-a-Car, Victoria's Secret, J. Crew and hundreds others entrust Asimitel for superior designs.

If you have a question concerning custom graphics or a special project please contact us:

100% Reflectivity and True Chrome! The arrival of The Asimitel Chrome Series signals a first in the market for a Phone with a True Chrome finish. Like the Asimitel Pandu & Omnia Series phones these are the same rugged, commercial grade units with the addition of a unique, brilliant Chrome finish. These models are available in Touch-Tone (with keypad) or Dial-Less (No-Dial & Auto-Dial) and with a standard coil cord or opt for the Chrome Metal Armored Cord.

 We've always been asked "do you make a phone that has a keypad and can still auto-dial?" until now the answer was always: "No, that's the combination two separate phones". Not anymore! The allows users to automatically connect to a call center or particular location/number and then navigate voice menus, listen to auto-attendants, enter prompts or credit card information, etc.


In addition to standard models all Asimitel phones are always customizable. We provide the ability to add or change features to suit your applications. For details and a list of available options

Keywords: phones