Victim Crisis Assistance and Referral Service

By: Sunset Area Vcars  09-12-2011


SACARs Volunteers provide victims with confidential…

Emotional Support

• By listening with complete understanding and respect and by taking into consideration personal values, cultural diversity and religious beliefs.

• Encourage personal empowerment by supporting the individual to regain control of their situation

• Validate their feelings of vulnerability, betrayal, fear, violation, anger and shock.

Practical Assistance

• By accompanying victims to hospital, home, to the home of a friend or family member.

• By assisting with child care needs (with guardians consent)

• By assisting with household repairs (boarding window), locks, doors or clean-up etc.

• By arranging to have a family member, a friend or clergy available at the scene, if required/requested.

• By providing transportation to a safe shelter, hospital, or to the home of a family or friend.

• By guiding Victims in making a safety plan, preparing a list of stolen or broken property and assisting Victims with reports, paperwork, meetings or interviews, as requested.

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