Farmers Sealed Storage » Up North & Ag-Bag Plastics

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Farmers Sealed Storage » Up North & Ag-Bag Plastics


  Bag Sizes                         Bunker Cover Sizes

     8 x 100                                    25 x 100

     8 x 150                                    32 x 100

     8 x 200                                    32 x 150

     9 x 135                                    40 x 100

     9 x 150                                    40 x 150

     9 x 200                                    40 x 200

     9 x 250                                    40 x 250

     10 x 150                                  50 x 100

     10 x 200                                  50 x 150

     10 x 250                                  50 x 200

     10 x 300                                  50 x 250

     12 x 200                                  60 x 100

     12 x 250                                  60 x 150


We keep pace with the ever broadening applications and the necessary technologies to meet the needs of the industry. Through continuous research and development, we keep our products and our customers up-to-date with the latest innovations in the marketplace.


Our staff’s technical training and product knowledge help them to match specific products to customer needs. Our plant utilizes the latest, state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment to insure a consistent level of quality on a continuous basis.

 Raw Materials

We use only premium grade polyethylene resins to produce these demanding products.

Quality Control

All resins and additives are tested and must meet stringent standards before being processed.
During Production - An extensively trained quality control team performs continuous testing to insure that industry standards are met.
After Production - Additional testing is done on production samples in our in-house laboratory before products are released for shipment. Product improvement is an on-going process on test farms and sites throughout the U.S. This allows us to progress with today’s high-tech industry demands.

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Farmers Sealed Storage » Ag Bag

An optional lightweight aluminum back stop is also available for the G6060 and G6070 baggers.TransportTransport lights, slow moving vehicle sign and reflective tape are used to mark the bagger for transportThe G6060, G6070 & G6070P can be narrowed to an 8-1/2. The Ag-Bag 6000 series frames are made out of heavy wall structural steel tubing and heavy gauge flat plate throughout to create a solid foundation to an exceptional bagger.


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Puts up to 15% more in the bag than bottom-pack units• Packs more punch from the center, with less H.P. for tighter, more uniform bags of feed. Only 7’ bagger on the market• No wheels to move, the machine is always in operating position• Tractor positioned in front-center of machine. Dump big loads of forage and go back for more.• Units have 3 hydraulic-drive motors & no gearboxes• Available in different sizes.