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By: Tvidia  09-12-2011
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Service providers are gearing up to deliver on the promise of internet based multimedia content directly to the consumer in the fixed and mobile space.

Rapid uptake of IP delivery of rich multimedia content relate directly to the ability to rapidly deliver unique, interactive end user features on the fly. Ultimately, a streamlined, personalized end user experience not found in conditional access architectures today. Tvidia’s Secure Content Delivery Platform deployed in an end-to-end infrastructure facilitates: Selective encryption, Conditional access, User Verification, User Authorization, Secure Content Hosting, Secure Content Delivery and Billing. The turnkey solution can be private-labelled and reflect your company’s brand, image and values.

Tvidia’s unique conditional access technology is flexible in design and can enable Service providers to offer uniquely designed interactive programming as a complete system or a subset on an as needed basis

Only Tvidia’s solutions, products and services; and its affiliated companies can deliver differentiated services through:

• Tvidia Verify™
• Tvidia Secure™
• Tvidia Protect™
• plus more

Keywords: service providers

Other products and services from Tvidia


Tvidia - Products - tvidiaverify

It offers the most flexible and powerful user verification solution on the market today and verifies user credentials against consumer, business and proprietary databases.User ‘age’ verification process is simple and is based on the premise of ‘protecting consumers’ from inappropriate content.


Tvidia - Products

Tvidia Protect™ provides a host of various filtering options to work together with the Verify and Secure systems to ensure inappropriate data is not received by underage customers on their mobile devices. Tvidia Secure™ is a highly flexible digital content classification and content management system designed for use by mobile network operators, mobile virtual network operators and content aggregators.


Tvidia - Products - tvidiasecure

Tvidia Secure is a highly flexible digital content classification system designed for use by mobile network operators, mobile virtual network operators and content aggregators to systematically rate the digital content they offer to their customers. Tvidia Secure streamlines the manageability, support and cross mapping of various content rating systems in-use today, into an easy to manage age/content matrix.


Tvidia - Solutions

Our innovative technology and end-to-end delivery solutions address the needs of Service Providers, Content Providers, IPTV Providers and other value-add businesses in the delivery of digital multimedia entertainment to serve emerging markets with the means to. Age classify content• Age verification• Securing content through encryption• Parental controls• Integrate into carrier billing systems• Content hosting.


Content Providers for mobile devices

Complete backend integration with wireless carriers – including billing• Extensive development support across a wide range of mobile handsets. Tvidia’s market reach and close relationships with major wireless carriers enables you to reach your customers… Tvidia can offer you. Tvidia is actively recruiting innovative rich media and entertainment software applications from third party developers.


Tvidia - Mobile Operators

Our partner program brings the best of breed media content providers to your network, what you do with it is your business; delivering within your corporate guidelines and complying with regulatory and legal system is a cooperative business. Highly attractive content acquisition and management• Customized secure age verified delivery platform• Worry free, effortless high margin content completely secured and classified to content rating schemes.