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By: Tomedco Management Group  09-12-2011

A fixed-price solution for ISO 9000 implementation in small business

Typically 2-3 days on site

Tomedco provides certified auditors, familiar with the challenges of running a business, to assess your current management system, against the ISO 9000 requirements. We save time by keeping focus on the "gaps" to be bridged, while less productive work is avoided.

The assessment (which includes a formal report of the findings) helps you plan the costs and the benefits of certification before spending too much time or money on implentation.

A solid plan can make a significant difference in documentation

Documentation, whether it's online or in print, is a significant requirement of a good quality system.Tomedco has experience in helping companies achieve certification in a wide range of industries. This exposure to best practices, currency with the latest tools, combined with a thorough understanding of your requirements and objectives for quality, makes for a well thought out approach to documentation.

Tailored support to compliment your internal resources, at a level that meets your budget

Our Implementation and Documentation Support services save you time and money. Our specialized resources are experienced, efficient and effective at helping document your unique quality management system. At the same time, we help to make it compliant with standards. Because your employees are actively involved all along the way, once the quality system is documented, maintaining it is much easier. Our seminars and workshops are designed to transfer the knowledge to your internal operation, for smooth, independent, sailing, long after certification.

Tailored support to compliment your internal resources, at a level that meets your budget

Follow on services usually take the form of supplementing your internal auditing, (especially for smaller firms), and helping you to realize the significant gains available from a well managed Continuous Improvement process. Our on going seminars and workshops, targeted at specific skill building, can reap huge rewards in terms of quality!

We help develop Strategic Plan for your organization

Our expert facilitators will lead your senior management team through a structured and effective exercise to document a Strategic Plan, which considers short term issues, and enables long term visions, for the company.

Targeted at the 1st and 2nd levels of management; those responsible for tactical plans to achieve specific results

Similar to a strategic planning exercise, this operational workshop is especially designed to address current operational issues and opportunities which line managers are already aware of. In fact the effectiveness of the plan usually comes from just these issues!

A workshop specifically targeted at a current operational problem in the company

Like our Problem Solving Seminar, this session applies a widely accepted method for effectively solving a problem. Through facilitating with the key people in the company, and by using a proven methodical process to identify the specifics of an issue, the best course of action is clarified.

Developed for a large international client, this process can be widely applied to data requirements and accuracy

Data is a crucial and indispensable component of most modern organizations. This process is proven to identify and eliminate the source of inaccuracies, which can increase costs significantly, and prevent optimum customer relations.

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