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SensorNetics custom instrument approach is all about choice. Every SensorNetics instrument comes loaded with one of the largest available number of flexible inputs and a high degree of Engine, Systems, and Flight functionality.

You determine how much of this functionality you want (and total cost) by adding options and sensors as desired. You can also choose your display size and graphic screens to match your information display needs and available panel space.

This flexible approach means you aren't paying for sensors you don't want, or that you may already have, while allowing you to add new sensors and options at any time in the future, without having to "trade up" to a more expensive model. 

In addition to individual sensors, we offer "ready to go" preconfigured sensor packages for popular engine and aircraft models to help simplify your choices and make installation easier.


SN1000-CC:  from $695 plus sensors

At only 2.75" H x 3.35"W x 1.25" D the SN1000-CC Compact Color monitor packs the full EIS/VFIS combo capability of its larger siblings in a space efficient package that will fit in the tightest panel space. The unit is further distinguished by ultra light weight and low power draw, along with superb sunlight visibility.

SN1000-MC  from $1395 plus sensors

At 4.75”H x 6.35” W, the 5.7” diagonal MC display option provides a display area that is just right for presenting the “big picture” view without taking up excess panel space.

SN1000-LC  from $1895 plus sensors

At 6.25"H x 8.75"W” the 8.4” diagonal SN1000-LC display option provides more display area, more resolution, and more colors for superb information presentation and readability.

EIS/VFIS Integration

The above instruments integrate the display with a suitable EIS/VFIS Module in a compact package for direct panel mounting in the AVIATE! Series.

Alternatively, displays can be Standalone with a Remote EIS/VFIS Module mounted remotely and connected with just 4 wires for convenient installation.

The Standalone displays can also be used as a second display or backup for SensorNetics or select third party instrument systems.

Third Party Displays

Other display choices include PDAs, laptop/tablet PCs, and/or third party displays that connect to a Remote EIS/VFIS Module via 2-3 wires, or through an optional WirelessBluetooth connection. Third party software such as EISMate are available.

EIS/VFIS Capabilities

All EIS/VFIS Modules include more than 30 general purpose EIS/VFIS input channels for a wide range of sensors, four Serial Ports, two Tachometer Inputs, two Fuel Flow Inputs, an Audio Output, an Alarm Output, and mating input connectors. The only EIS inputs you will need to choose are the number of high resolution EGT/CHT input amplifiers, from none to 4, 8, or 12.

General input channels are preconfigured for standard sensors, but unused inputs can be reconfigured as auxiliary channels for other sensors.  In this way you are not restricted to a limited number of auxiliary channels and can make full use of all inputs.



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Keywords: Sensors