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By: Magenn Power  09-12-2011
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Magenn Power, Inc. plans to start manufacturing its Magenn Air Rotor System (MARS) in 2010-11 with a 100 kW MARS unit being the first size to be sold. (No plans for 4kW, 10kW or 25kW MARS as previously stated).

The target price for the 100 kW MARS unit is yet to be determined and will be announced at the appropriate time.

MARS 10kW proof of concept (April 2008), featured on Discovery Channel

The patented Magenn Air Rotor System (MARS) is a new generation of "high altitude wind" turbines with cost and performance advantages over existing systems.


is a lighter-than-air tethered wind turbine that rotates about a horizontal axis in response to wind, generating electrical energy. This electrical energy is transferred down the tether for consumption, or to a set of batteries or the power grid. Helium sustains the Magenn Air Rotor System, which ascends to an altitude as selected by the operator for the best winds.

MARS 100kW generator, available 2010-2011 (taking orders now)

The Advantages of MARS over Conventional Wind Turbines are:

  1. low cost electricity - under 20 cents per kWh versus 50 cents to 99 cents per kWh for diesel
  2. bird and bat friendly
  3. lower noise
  4. wide range of wind speeds - 3 meters/second to more than 28 meters/second
  5. higher operating altitudes - from 500 feet to 1,000 feet above ground level are possible without expensive towers or cranes
  6. fewer limits on placement location - coast line placement is not necessary
  7. ability to install closer to the power grid
  8. mobile
  9. ideal for off grid applications or where power is not reliable.

Initial MARS Target Markets include:

  1. Mini-Grid applications such as developing and island nations where infrastructure is limited or non-existent
  2. rapid deployment (to include airdrop) to disaster areas for power to emergency and medical equipment, water pumps, and relief efforts (ex. Katrina, Tsunami)
  3. off grid uses such as cell towers and exploration equipment
  4. military payload applications

MARS 100kW Performance Specifications

Magenn Power Product Model 100kW
Rated Power 101,000 Watts
Size (Diameter x Length) 45 ft x 100 ft (plus blade height of 22 ft each)
Shipping Weight Under 13,000 lbs
Volume of Helium 200,000 cubic feet
Tether Height 750 ft standard - up to 1,500 ft optional tether length
Start-up Wind Speed 2.5 m/sec - 5.6 mph
Cut-in Wind Speed 3.0 m/sec - 6.7 mph
Rated Wind Speed 12.0 m/sec - 26.8 mph
Cut-out Wind Speed 24.0 m/sec - 53.7 mph
Maximum Wind Speed 30.0 m/sec - 67.1 mph
Temperature Range -40¼C /-40¼F to +45¼C/+113¼F
Generators 100 kW Total
Output Form 380 V 3 Phase 50 Hz, 480 & 600 V 3 Phase 60 Hz or Regulated DC
Warranty One Year
Life Cycle 10 to 15 Years
Price (USD) (Estimated) $500,000 USD
Availability 2010-2011 (taking orders now)

Availability, Pricing and Specifications are subject to change

Estimated performance data is shown below. The Annual Energy Output range accounts for various non-standard wind distributions.

MAGENN technology will be applied to Mini-grid, off-grid and combined with diesel power for developing nations, island nations, farms, remote areas, cell towers, exploration equipment, oil and gas wells, mining sites, offshore drilling stations, and backup power & water pumps. MAGENN rotors will also be used for on-grid applications for farms, factories, and remote communities.


Pictures above show 10kW alpha prototype MARS on a 350 foot tether.

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