By: Levis Group  09-12-2011
Keywords: Sales Representatives, Lead Generation

Market Analysis - We are keenly aware of the costs associated with trying to break into a new market.  Regulatory, political, social, and technical barriers-to-entry can represent complicated challenges. We have analysts in specific markets that are considered to be thought leaders in their respective fields. They have the ability to quickly assess the suitability of your product or service and can bring all potential issues to light before you invest.  In situations where there is a fit, they have the ability to help with messaging and where required, can write white papers describing the unique benefits of your product or service within the market.  Additionally, they can work with our lead generation professionals to quickly qualify real opportunities within the market.

Lead Generation is tremendously difficult in today’s world of spam filters, caller-ID, and automated answering systems. Our lead generation professionals are former quota-carrying technology salespeople who intimately know the markets that they call into. This coupled with their understanding of technology will allow them to effectively promote the business value of your solution quickly and efficiently.
We are so confident in their abilities that we require no long-term commitment on the part of our customers for their service. Additionally, they can work with our sales representatives to move sales cycles ahead even further!

Remote Representation - There is no substitute for having a sales person that is intimately familiar with the local target market.  All too often unfortunately it is not cost-effective to have a full time sales representative in every single region. In specific markets we work with a network of highly accomplished sales representatives that can represent your company on a part-time basis.  They can build up your presence by leveraging their knowledge of the market and their existing relationships with key customers – meanwhile you pay a fraction of the cost of a full time sales representative.  If opportunities develop to the point where a full time resource is required, you can work with our sales staff recruiters.

Sales Staff Recruiting - Recruiting members of your sales team can be a career-making decision. Given our experience in the markets we support, we not only know many of the sales executives you may want to hire, but we also know many of the decision makers that you will want to sell to. We have the ability to provide a customer’s perspective about the type of person they want to buy from. Unlike other recruiters we can provide lead generation services while recruiting for the sales position - this way the candidate you hire starts with a funnel of highly qualified leads and opportunities.  This unique approach virtually assures success for all involved.

Keywords: Lead Generation, Sales Representatives