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By: Kunstadt  09-12-2011
Keywords: bicycle, Racquet Stringing

More than half of the Kunstadt floor space is hidden away from casual view.  We are speaking of the Tech Shop, of course, where bikes are assembled, skates and skis are sharpened, and fabulous gear is tuned for action.

Wintersteiger Ski and Board Tuning
  If you want your skis or snowboards restored to better than factory-standard shape, your answer is Wintersteiger!!   Wintersteiger equipment will give your edges the precise, smooth sharpness with a perfect base-bevel and side angle geometry of your choice.   If you are not sure about the ideal geometry for your skiing/riding style, we have experts ready to give youy the technical advice you need.  Same goes for the choice of base structures.   We can match your base structure with snow conditions and with your personal preference.  There is a Wintersteiger machine in every Kunstadt Sports location ready to serve you.
Precision Bicycle Fitting
  One of the most important features of a good bicycle is its proper fit.   We have the best possible state-of-the-art JUTEAU CANTIN Bicycle Fitting Platform.   We can now verify and precisely adjust saddle height, saddle setback, front stem length, saddle to handlebar distance, handlebar width, crank arm length, general rider position and much more.  Our highly skilled and experienced technicians are ready and eager to help you make your bicycle as comfortable and efficient as possible.
Bicycle Repairs
  We are very proud of our bicycle service department.   In all our stores, the young people taking care of your precious bicycle are very professional mechanics.   Many of them are also accomplished bicycling competitors.   We are the service of choice of such prestigious events as the Preston Road Races, the Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour and others.
Racquet Stringing & Service
  Our racquet service is second to none, your racquet will always be precision strung by a tennis expert, in the shortest time humanely possible.   Often, we string racquets “while you wait”, no matter whether you are in Kanata, South Bank Street or our new Bank Street in the Glebe store. We have the Babolat Star 5 state-of-the-art stringers in both our Bank Street stores!!!   You will experience new levels of precision in string tension.   And we enjoy the ease of operating this high-tech masterpiece.   The Star 5 is a serious effort by Babolat to make an exceptionally proficient true constant-pull stringing machine available to serious stringers that have customer satisfaction on their minds.
Skate Sharpening
  We are known to give skates all the respect they deserve. Our machines are always well maintained, our wheels are perfectly dressed and every skate that leaves our store is a masterpiece in its own right. That’s why accomplished hockey players and figure skaters keep returning to our experts for service. We can also profile your skates to your personal preference on our CAG ONE profiling machines.

Keywords: bicycle, Racquet Stringing