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By: KOM Networks  09-12-2011
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AUVINET DVS delivers superior functionality through a very user-friendly interface.        
Support for all types of analog cameras, including standard CCTV cameras, "bullet" cameras, CCD / CMOS cameras, Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras, etc. This allows us to interoperate with a wide variety of cameras so that we can ensure that the customer's needs are adequately met.  
Support for NTSC and PAL video standards, which enables us to provide customer solutions anywhere in the world.  
Support for 1 to 32 cameras per Digital Video Server (DVS).  
Support for 1 to 32 relay controllable devices.  
Support for 1 to 32 audio I/O devices.  
Features bi-directional audio conversations between a client workstation and a microphone / speaker pair connected to a DVS.  
Client systems can view up to 16 separate live video feeds on a single monitor. 32 video streams are supported in a dual monitor configuration.  
Full DVS configuration is possible from an administrator's system, without having to physically visit each DVS system to make configuration changes.  
Multiple users can view video from the same DVS at the same time.  
Video quality is easily modified by the user.  
Video size ranges from 160x120 to 352x240.  
Up to 30 frames per second of video, depending on number of active video streams per DVS.  
DVS can be built in a number of sizes suitable for everything from placement inside an ATM machine to rack mountable enclosures.  
If the customer currently has a pre-existing analog CCTV installation, we can replace it with a digital solution, utilizing the customer's previous investment in analog CCTV cameras and wiring. This would make it more cost effective for the customer who wants to upgrade from analog to digital video.  
DVS systems can be remotely monitored and controlled from any location that has access to the customer's network segments that the DVS systems are connected to.via the following methods: LAN , ISDN, Wireless and Standard telephone.  
Client systems can be notified immediately if an alarm event occurs on an alarm sensor connected to a DVS being monitored.  
Alarm events can be set up to be triggered by the detection of motion in the video stream itself.  
Access to cameras, alarms, and other sensitive systems can be controlled by the system administrators. This security access system allows the customer to decide who has access to which resources.  
Recording can be performed in time-lapse mode or at full speed.  
We can archive video for an extended period of time utilizing optical storage technology.  
Video is stored and retrieved in industry standard MPEG-1 format.  
Archived video can be accessed from the user's desktop through the client software.  
Archived video can be retrieved quickly and seamlessly through the use of optical media jukebox technology, which gives rapid access to all archived media without the need of operator intervention.  
Video storage space is self-managed by the system by means of a recycling mechanism that can be tuned by the system administrator.  
Video files are copied from the DVS systems to the archiving system automatically, without the need for human intervention.  
As a given customer's requirements increase, additional DVS and Storage servers can be implemented to meet the customer's needs.  
DVS can store several days of video internally.  
Virus protection is offered through the SHIELDWORX™ product from KOM NETWORKS, Inc.  
By using the KOMWORX™ / OptiStorm™ technologies from KOM NETWORKS, Inc., video can be archived onto optical media, RAID storage systems, writeable DVD storage technologies, etc.  
The amount if archival storage is virtually unlimited (Terabytes).  

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Keywords: Alarm Event, Cameras, Storage, Storage Technology,

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Video / Audio Surveillance Solutions - description

AUVINET DVS utilizes a Windows-based user interface which means that there's little to no learning curve involved in viewing video live feed once the system is set up. This means that 16 live video feeds can be viewed on a single monitor and as many as 32 video streams from a dual monitor configuration. Each DVS Server has the capability of supporting up to 32 cameras, 32 alarm sensors, 32 relay control devices and 32 audio I/O devices.


Video / Audio Surveillance Solutions

With recent threats to global security, it has become very evident that we all need to do our part to ensure that our environment is safe and secure - AUVINET DVS is designed with this mind. AUVINET DVS (Digital Video Surveillance) software delivers video surveillance and monitoring solutions that are the most flexible, advanced and feature-intensive in the market today.


Video / Audio Surveillance Solutions - application

It really doesn?t matter how big or small your video site monitoring and video archiving requirements are, AUVINET DVS has the power and flexibility to accommodate your needs. From banking institutions, to highly secure government buildings, to your own home - AUVINET DVS effectively monitors predetermined sites. Monitoring and surveillance of high entrances / exits / schoolyards (drug control, attack prevention.


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