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Empowered Networks® is recognized throughout the world as an expert in the field of synchronization.  Our track record of success includes installations throughout North and South America, Europe, Africa, Russia and Asia.  Our services include, design, audit, installation, training, project management, and much more.

Our turn-key installation services go beyond what any service provider or traditional telecom installer can provide. Our installation teams are not just telecom installers, they are synchronization experts. 
When performing a synchronization install, with traditional telecom installers, several people are involved. An installer may perform the physical installation, while another person gets involved to turn-up, test and provision the system. If there are issues with equipment failure or the design, specialists and/or logistics resources may need to get involved, site revisits are required, and the process gets delayed.
When Empowered performs an installation, we do full turn-key. We resolve equipment failures and design issues on the spot.  When we leave the site, all lights are green, and the equipment is provisioned to customer specifications and ready for service.  You get a complete and accurate installation, on time, with fewer visits, lower overall costs, and minimal impact on your team. 

Cutover of a Synchronization BITS shelf is a complex, critical activity. The BITS shelf provides timing to every network element and service in that office, both legacy and next-generation.  If your cutover does not go perfectly, many of your customers will be seriously affected.
Many things go into a smooth, trouble free cutover.  Empowered believes that having subject matter experts on site at cutover time is a critical component of any successful cutover.
Empowered has vast experience in synchronization BITS shelf cutovers in very large central offices. We have the expertise required to quickly diagnose any issues that may arise, and evaluate solutions to resolve the issue, on the spot.
Method of Procedure (MOP) development is another critical component of a smooth cutover.  Empowered can provide the engineering support you need to develop a comprehensive MOP document, gain approvals and sign-off, and adapt your MOP to specific situations.  Leverage our experience, best practices and methodology to ensure your success.

Empowered can customize and deliver training for all synchronization platforms we provide. Training can be delivered online, at your facility, or at Empowered’s training center in Ottawa. All training is lead by qualified synchronization experts with current practical experience.

Empowered’s Synchronization Audits can address many requirements.  Planning cutover of a BITS shelf may be the most common motivator.  An Output Audit delivers the accurate, current records you need to ensure a smooth cutover, and avoid mistakes.
This service includes:

  • A comprehensive physical check and trace of all outputs
  • Documentation of all output terminations
  • Engineering evaluation of redundancy and design for critical circuits such as SS7 links, and recommendations on design or option changes in each Network Element
  • Recommended  grooming activity required before a cutover

A Real World Example

A large service provider tried to perform a synchronization audit on a very large office with local operations staff.  The local staff, continually distracted by day-to-day operations tasks, couldn’t focus on the job.  Several months later, and nowhere nearer completion, the service provider engaged Empowered.
Our focused team of experts performed a comprehensive Output Audit, covering BITS shelves on multiple floors and thousands of outputs, in less than 7 days. Plus, our team discovered several critical issues that were sure to cause problems at cutover time, averting potentially significant outages and customer impacts.
The experience and focus of our team made all the difference.  This service provider estimated savings of $50,000 in time and expenses, before qualitative impacts on project timelines and service.

Empowered’s Technical Assistance Center (TAC) provides full support for Symmetricom solutions. Located in Ottawa, the TAC is staffed by bilingual Technical Service Analysts (TSA's), your first point of contact for all support requests. Each of our TSAs are trained and knowledgeable across all Symmetricom products to provide you with a quick resolution to product usage questions and known problems.
Standard support is provided during the business day; 8am-8pm EST Monday to Friday, excluding statutory holidays. 7x24 support is available, please contact your Empowered account manager for further details.

An Experienced Team of Experts
Our team has unparalleled experience in synchronization, and a track record of success in turn-key services with major service providers.  Most have more than 20 years experience in telecom, with key roles as design prime or technical support for network-wide synchronization. 
Getting Started is Easy
We know your network and your business issues are unique.  We start with Envision, our structured review of your technical environment with your key stakeholders.  Envision permits us to develop a detailed firm-price proposal, tuned to match your specific goals, objectives and scope.  To start to Envision your success, contact Empowered today.

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Keywords: Track Record