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By: E2e Soccer  09-12-2011

Q. Please tell me about your club management solution?

Q. So is Club Centre just a content management system?

No we offer far more than that. We recognize the problems that you have in managing your club so we provide you with a series of club management tools to make every one's life a little easier. For example we know that generating tax receipts for your members is a tedious process for your administrators so we have automated that process with an on line request form. Your members can request a tax receipt on your web site and all your administrator has to do is approve the request to generate the receipt.

Q. So what other club management processes have you simplified with on line forms?

We are adding new ones every month but currently here are some examples of the more common applications

  • Refund requests
  • Volunteer for the club
  • Volunteer for the team
  • Apply to be a referee
  • Apply to be a coach

Q. Does Club Centre offer on line registration?

Yes it does. With our on line registration solution parents and members can pay their registration fees on line and when they do so you are guaranteed to receive payment immediately. So with on line payment members are happy as they no longer have to fill in forms and find their cheque book, and the club treasurer is happy because there are no more bounced cheques or trips to the bank to deposit cheques.

Q. Who do you use for credit card transactions?

We currently use

as we believe that it offers the best solutions for a club, however we could use an alternative service provider if you wish.

Q. Can Club Centre manage a house league?

Yes it can. With our house league module you can perform the following right on your club web site

  • Generate a schedule
  • Publish a schedule
  • Publish standings
  • Publish results
  • Display a Google map of all your fields

Q. I see that you offer a referee assignment product as well. Can that be integrated with the house league module?

Yes it can and the advantage of this is that your referee assigner is guaranteed to be working on the same schedule as your house league conveners so hopefully you won't have any games without a referee.

Q. What can you do for our club tournament?

Our tournament management module allows you to accept entries and payment on line. Then you can post a schedule, results and group standings on your web site.

Q. Do you have a brochure about Club Centre that I could show others?

You can download a brochure .

Q. Can you point me to some examples of Club Centre?

Sure. Take a look at these three solutions.

Q. How can I receive pricing and a demonstration?

Please visit our

section and we will contact you as quickly as possible.

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