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Dental Sleep Catalog

An informative guide to Dental Sleep Medicine along with an overview of the products and services that BRAEBON offers to Sleep Dentists.

"I have been using the MediByte for over three years and have found it to be a very dependable tool to monitor the efficacy of oral appliance treatment for my patients in Chicago. I wholeheartedly recommend the MediByte to all clinicians interested in determining clinical outcomes. The services and support staff at Braebon have been well beyond my expectations."

Chicago, IL

"I have been using the BRAEBON MediByte in my dental sleep medicine practice in West Virginia. The staff at BRAEBON Medical are readily accessible and a pleasure to work with. The MediByte has become a valuable, objective tool for monitoring the effectiveness of oral appliance therapy since so many guests are reluctant to go for a follow-up PSG."

Hurricane, WV

"I have used the MediByte for a few years and have found it to be simple to use, portable, and very durable. It has become an important part of our dental sleep medicine program."

Boise, Idaho

The most effective set of tools and patent pending technology to assess, treat and monitor oral appliance therapy - designed by experienced sleep specialists and backed by the strongest warrantees in the industry.

The right tools

The ultimate home sleep testing solution in a convenient carrying case, providing the data collection tool in the oral appliance monitoring workflow.

Advanced analysis and reporting technology, streamlining the steps to interpretation. As an add-on option, simplify the management of patient and sleep study data by using EasyHST software.

Share your results with your referring physician in a language they expect. All reports carefully designed for easy readability and to help find information quickly.

The "Moses" Appliance

Dr. Allen J. Moses, DDS, DABCP, DABDSM

The right choice

With an average cost of $7 per study, the MediByte® makes continuous monitoring of patient treatment cost effective. With the ability to perform two consecutive nights with a single setup, patients can record one night with an oral appliance and one without (baseline). Getting up and running couldn't be simpler with tools designed for ease of use and support from industry-leading Sleep specialists.

Using the highest quality components and sampling rates that exceed guidelines delivers a signal quality second to none.

From the durability of stainless steel LEMO connectors to the simplicity of unique connector sizes, every design element chosen to deliver the ultimate experience.

Preparing patients for home sleep testing couldn't be simpler with products designed for ease of use and a series of training videos to simplify hook-up.

*Product features are subject to change without notice and may not be exactly as shown.

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Keywords: Home Sleep Testing, sleep, Sleep Testing, Stainless Steel,

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From the durability of stainless steel LEMO connectors to the simplicity of unique connector sizes, every design element chosen to deliver the ultimate experience. Go beyond the single 9-hour recording with the option to capture two consecutive nights: one for baseline and one for oral appliance treatment. Designing beyond the guidelines for portable monitoring of sleep apnea ensures that the patient experience is second to none.



Taking comfort and performance to a new level, the innovative 0518 Disposable Airflow Sensor pairs with the PureFlow® cannula to deliver simultaneous capture of airflow and nasal pressure.The 0518 Disposable Airflow Sensor requires the BRAEBON connector cable model 0510BS. Maintain the same incredible signal quality as our reusable cTherm® cannula thermistor in a super thin.



0597-50 PureFlow OroNasal Cannula & Filter - Qty 50 - Best OroNasal Cannula on the market. 0582S-3-50 Adult Nasal Cannula, Single Use, 3', male luer, no filter, 50 per case. 0582S-7-50 Adult Nasal Cannula, Single Use, 7', male luer, no filter, 50 per case. 0599-25 Adjustable Nasal & Oral Luer Lock Cannula & Safety Filter - Qty 25. 0582S-50 Adult Micro Nasal Luer Lock Cannula & Safety Filter - Qty 50.