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By: Aprel  09-12-2011

APREL specializes in designing and manufacturing a fleet of fully automated measurement systems. The goal is to provide a solution for more accurate and repeatable testing to cover the needs of manufacturers, laboratories, research institutions.

APREL is committed to the development of new and comprehensive methodologies for SAR, HAC and EMC/EMI measurements through international standards work and internal research.

Other products and services from Aprel


APREL ALSAS 10U - Comprehensive SAR Test System

Various phantoms – SAM Phantom, UniPhantom™, Universal Flat Phantom and others, can be easily moved, interchanged and integrated onto Universal Workstation™ to result in a highly flexible and time-efficient measurement process. The ALSAS-10U engineering design team is strongly focused on application development, and has developed custom modular software to allow for the broadest range of wireless SAR testing applications.


APREL Dipoles

Dipoles are tuned to specified frequency for tissue and air for probe calibration, system performance check and/or system validation as required by compliance test standards. APREL has developed a range of dipoles for use in dosimetric and near/far field applications with all commercial SAR and HAC systems. We offer a range of dipoles for RF shielded enclosure certification and anechoic antenna measurement certification.


APREL EM-ISight - EMC/EMI Measurement System

Product approval of Integrated Circuits, LCD, GPS, Video Controllers, connectors, wireless modules, antennas and electrical/electronic interfaces can be assessed on the EM-ISight using the fully flexible test application software. The system is ideal for de-sense testing of receiver circuits and can be used to manage product development cycles and identify problematic areas of complex circuit design.


APREL home

APREL have developed hand held antenna probes that can be used to sniff out problems on a circuit board that may be causing EMC noise. The antenna probes come in E and H field versions and can be used as either a receiver or method to excite a circuit. Typical frequency application for each probe is from 100kHz to 6GHz all in one single package. These probes come in custom lengths and can be adapted very easily when required.


APREL MiNi-HAC - Hearing Aid Compatibility Test System

MiNi-HAC™is ideal as a primary compliance instrument for Hearing Aid Compatibility or as a design/development tool for HAC Audio and near-field RF E-and H-Field emission evaluation for wireless handsets and hearing aids. RF Emissions Test - Measurements of the near-field electric field and magnetic fields emitted by a WD. The system is designed for developers, compliance experts, regulators, and researchers.


APREL Services

SAR TestingAPREL utilizes the ALSAS-10U automated SAR assessment system within a fully shielded certified SAR test environment for all levels of testing and certification of the most current technologies - WiFi, WiMax, Cellular, GSM, LTE, CDMA, WCDMA.Test capability is from 30MHz up to 6GHz with coverage for handsets, computers and BTS antennas.