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By: Allenhicks  09-12-2011
Keywords: injury prevention, Range Of Motion

The most significant risk factor for future injury is previous injury.

Researchers have been looking for better ways to predict which individuals are most at risk for future injury. Until recently, the only factor that was predictive of future injury was previous injury. Basic flexibility and range of motion measures have not been found to be highly predictive. Strength (on its own) has not been found to be highly predictive.

A number of new assessment tools have recently shown promise in their ability to predict injury risk in groups of individuals. Instead of focusing on isolated range of motion, flexibility, cardiovascular, or strength measures, the new tools focus on movement quality and movement symmetry.

In addition to helping with risk assessment, I use these tools to provide valuable information that can be used to design appropriate, individualized injury prevention and performance exercise programs.

Another important factor in injury prevention is fostering an environment of open communication among various professionals who influence activity. This includes sport specific coaches (hockey, baseball, swimming, golf), fitness professionals, and medical professionals (including physicians, physiotherapists, athletic therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, etc).

Keywords: injury prevention, Range Of Motion

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This includes knee surgery protocols from the Fowler Kennedy Sports Medicine Centre in London, ON, shoulder surgery protocols from the Andrews Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic Center in Birmingham, Alabama, and hip surgery protocols from the Steadman Hawkins Clinic in Vail, Col. In an effort to provide superior post-operative rehabilitation, I stay current regarding new research on post-operative treatment protocols.

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I routinely prescribe exercises to address rehabilitation issues (mobility, stability, and motor control limitations), as well as for injury prevention and performance enhancement. Soft tissue treatment techniques are used to improve muscle length by reducing muscle tone/tension, breaking adhesions/scar tissue, and stimulating the healing response.

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As a result of some of the limitations of both clinical and diagnostic tests, it is important that clinicians focus more on what we can do to help with the problem, since we can’t always be accurate in identifying the problem. While there are many similarities among the core competencies learned while completing a physical therapy degree, the knowledge pursued by physiotherapists once they graduate is dramatically different.

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The cost of the physiotherapy treatment is covered by your auto insurance company and any extended health care insurance that you have. Many of the injuries are complex, and require advanced knowledge and expertise to be treated effectively. I have been providing treatment to clients who have been injured in motor vehicle accidents since 2005. The correct treatment approach can have a dramatic influence on pain, healing, and outcomes.