Acoustic Monitor

By: Accutech Wireless  09-12-2011


The AM20 is suitable for compressible fluid applications but is not recommended for incompressible fluids, other than flow switch or other on/off applications.

The effectiveness of the acoustic measurement varies under different industrial environments, but has been demonstrated to work under the following conditions:

  • Leak detection, steam: 30PSIG min.
  • Leak detection, other gas: 50PSIG min.
  • Leak rate: 6 standard cubic feet per hour (SCFH) at 100 PSIG min.

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Accutech Manager

To help you get the most value from your Accutech installation, the Accutech Manager software environment provides an easy-to-use, explorer-tree interface to configure Accutech devices locally from a technician’s laptop, or remotely from a centralised, corporate server. Accutech Manager is also a mini-data collection system, storing and maintaining field unit monitoring and measurement data over time, thanks to an integrated database.



Liquid-filled tanks and reservoirs are essential components in many industrial processes; from chemical batch production and storage, to water treatment and food processing, level measurement must be reliable, repeatable and reportable.



Flexible and economical, Accutech’s line of dedicated field units provide analog and discrete I/O and turbine meter interfaces for common control components such as contact-closure, radar tank gauges and flow meters.



This is especially true in processes that rely on critical pressure readings, such as water treatment and chemical production; where sensors are required to measure the pressure across a filter or orifice plate, or the level in a pressurised vessel. The degree of success of any process control system is directly proportional to how accurately and timely process parameters can be measured and utilised by the control algorithms.



These products are available in a standard integrated temperature sensor configuration or a remote sensor option that allows for two temperature sensors per field unit. Accutech provides both thermocouple and RTD sensors in a range of sensor types and probe lengths for a variety of industrial process applications.



The Accutech product line includes a series of self-contained, battery-powered, wireless field units and central base radios to collect process data and pass it to a PLC, RTU, DCS or HMI network. All Accutech instruments incorporate innovative wireless communication and power saving technologies in an easy-to-install package that does not require any additional power or data cabling.


Base Radios

This device automatically communicates over a license-free link with field units deployed in a local area star network and makes the field data available to existing control or data collection systems via a local serial Modbus interface. With the capability to scale up to as many as 256 wireless instrumentation networks, Accutech easily accommodates future expansion.