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By: Tfmcs  09-12-2011
Keywords: Ham, Repeaters

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  • Repeater Link System
  • Auto-Patch (currently offline)
  • IRLP
  • APRS
  • Want-Ads Listing
  • Chat online with other Hams

Several repeaters in Ontario and New York State can be linked together through the VE3RPT Hub.

{Details of the repeaters and link how-to's will be added soon}

The auto-patch was destroyed during a lightening strike and is beyond reasonable repair.
However, the new Asterisk controller may support VOIP in a subsequent release.

VE3RPT 147.060 hosts IRLP node 2470 (inbound connections)

All TFMCS repeaters (except 1286 MHz and DStar) can link through the hub to access IRLP for outbound connections.

Outbound connections are restricted to TFMCS members.
However, if you are passing through our listening area or just want to try out a contact on IRLP, please call CQ and ask if any members that are listening could dial a node for you.

Please see our Membership page for instructions on how to be come a member to enjoy the services listed above.

Want Ads will be included in each newsletter as well as online.
Ads will run for 60 days unless requested to be removed earlier.

To view the current Want Ads, .To post a new Want Ad, click on "New entry" while viewing them or .

We now support a chat area for people to discuss ham related topics.
This room is restricted to persons 16 years or older. If you are younger, please email us for special consideration and parental approval.

This area must be self-managed by the people using it. If it is found to be abused (i.e. profanity, rudeness or behaviour unbecoming a Ham) this service will be discontinued.

Keywords: Ham, Repeaters