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By: Liquid Feeds  09-12-2011
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LPS 42%

LPS is a molasses based liquid supplement that provides additional protein and energy when the current forage program does not provide enough energy and protein for the desired rate of gain/growth.


18% sugars principally from Louisiana Cane Molasses which aid in rumen fermentation and gives LPS a sweet molasses flavor which the cows love.


42% protein (on 54% DM basis) from various sources including 36% coming from slow-release technology NPN. Soluble protein levels compliment the sugar levels for optimal rumen fermentation.


An excellent complement of minerals are provided in solution in LPS including supplemental selenium (3 ppm). Phosphorus is provided by natural products as well as phosphoric acid – the most bioavailable form of P which dually acts to control intake.


Vitamins A, D and E have been added to provide needs while on pasture. In addition, molasses is known to be a natural source of biotin and several B-vitamins.


Replacement Heifers

285 gallon lick tank

Mini-Lick Tank


Keywords: Cane Molasses, Lps, Molasses, Soluble Protein,

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Our Mill Products » Liquid Feeds International Ltd

The industry premium product is GOLD COAT, quality ingredients with technological know-how in putting together a product that is second to none in the industry. While we do have a few customers who handle our molasses, the majority of users purchase a blend that enhances the flow of the molasses. Our Louisiana Cane Molasses comes into our facility with a very high level of sugar (84 BRIX) and is extremely viscous.


Mini-Lick Tank » Liquid Feeds International Ltd

Give dairymen the flexibility of slipping the tank into the smaller stalls used in grouping heifers in a free stall situation. Daily consumption depends on many variables (principally body size and the supply of other energy sources). Place the lick tank away from water source (although be sure your cattle have access to unlimited water). LPS does not contain added salt, so be sure to provide a salt lick for your cattle as well.


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While the majority of our customers are on all liquid programs, there are other customers who blend our liquid premixes onto their dry feed in order to take advantage of the benefits of organic acids, mineral bioavailability and all the associated benefits.


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All sugars are not created equally; some rumen bugs prefer sugar from molasses, other prefer sugars for corn syrup, others from whey etc – so LFI products supply sugars from at least 4 sources – which maximizes rumen microbial production. Dairy Gold is a TMR enhancer product line designed for on-farm mixing while the traditional Liquid Protein Supplement LPS42 is designed for free choice lick tank feeding.