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By: Canadabred  09-12-2011

The Internal Gilt Replacement Program is for producers who would like to produce their own gilts. It is a structured plan to allow the producer to maintain up to date, genetically superior nucleus/multiplication/commercial gilts.

It involves selection of purebred animals for nucleus and multiplication. OSI  provides the planned matings to produce the replacement gilts. All animals are tested and selected through the CCSI’s national evaluation program for swine. The national comparisons are done involving the largest group of nucleus based animals in Canada - and possibly the world.

OSI provides assistance with training and selection of replacement animals. All animals that are ultrasound tested for backfat and muscle depths are printed out and given EBV’s to use as a selection tool.

OSI has the expertise to help all producers become successful with Internal Gilt Replacements.

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Ontario Swine Improvement | OSI, Swine Nucleus Management, Artificial Insemination Training

We can use our expertise to assist with breeding management and help you to create more efficient barn designs for breeding areas. We have the skills to help you interpret production results and determine the way to make improvements on your operation. We can provide planned matings for your farm or help with Artificial Insemination training. OSI can help both purebred and commercial producers in all levels of swine production.


Ontario Swine Improvement | OSI, Training Heat Detection, Insemination Technique, Semen Selection

On farm training course On farm training courses are also available, and are then customized to your operations particular needs and interest. Artificial Insemination courses Artificial Insemination courses are an ideal way to learn the details of breeding your sows. Topics include heat detection, insemination technique, semen selection, and many other production related items.


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OSI offers a wide range of commercial services to assist producers. Carcass characteristics measured for key meat quality traits. Female nucleus breeding and selection program. Grid analysis and carcass data benchmarking. Backfat probing and selection support.