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By: Surenet  09-12-2011

Wireless access in Muskoka now available!

SureNet offers High Speed Wireless access in the Greater Muskoka/Parry Sound areas.  High Speed Wireless is beamed directly to your house/business from one of our many towers in the area.  High Speed Wireless is a great solution for those who are not served by traditional wired high speed service or dialup.

Please note that if you do not own your building we will require permission from your landlord to proceed with the install.


If you area is not listed, and you would like service please fill out the request form to help identify areas that are not serviced currently. If we do not recieve any requests in your area, it is interpreted that there is no demand in that area and service may not be built to it. To ensure service is provided, enough customer demand is needed to justify additional builds. Get your neighbors involved by filling out a request form today.

3 Easy steps to request service.

Type in your address in the search field. Ensure Google finds the correct location. Move the map, so that the cross hairs are above your location. You can toggle between map view and satellite view if you wish. Enter the Latitude and Longitude displayed at the bottom of the map on the fax form in step 2.

Enter all the required information. Give us as much info as possible. In the directions section, please comment on your house ie: one or two storey, surrounding tree cover, rock face etc. Then either print the form or save it to My Documents.

3) Send the form to SureNet for processing.


40 Main St W

Huntsville, ON P1H 2C3

Once we receive the form, we will process it. This usually takes 1-2 weeks. If we determine that you are a good candidate for an install, we will contact you to arrange an install. We will pend any request that cannot receive service until coverage is available.

Residential ( 1 Year Contract ) $49.99 Per Month

Seasonal ( 2 Year Contract ) $59.99 Per Month

SOHO Business ( 1 Year Contract ) $89.99 Per Month

Standard install fee $180.00 ( Depending on install site )

The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011

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