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By: We Secure It  09-12-2011
Keywords: Encryption, Vaults, Flash Drive

Encrypt-Stick™ is the simplest, most effective way to ensure your vital corporate data, personal files and records remain confidential and for your eyes only. SAVE BIG MONEY!!! Protect your secured data from Virus attacks. Lost data will NOT fall into the wrong hands…EVER! Lost or Stolen computers no longer equate to lost or stolen confidential data. Secure your data on your desktop vault, and then send your secured data thru your VPN to your secured network vault.

Encrypt-Stick™ is a complete computer encryption software system, as well as an encrypted USB Flash Drive solution that safeguards the loss of your data, files and records. Our system ensures businesses and individuals can protect their sensitive data while maintaining their obligations to the new privacy and information laws.

Encrypt-Stick™ software allows you to create encrypted vaults on your desktop, network drive, writeable media, SD cards, DVDs or external hard drives. These vaults are totally hidden unless you wish them to appear as a regular folder. You can store any type of file in your vaults and they can only be accessed if your flash drive is inserted into the USB slot and you type in your password. The simple drag and drop function allows you to easily add files to your vaults.

Let’s face it, who hasn't forgotten a password for one thing or another? Well, Encrypt-Stick™ software provides the perfect solution for managing all your passwords. Simply enter your account information and passwords into Password Manager and all your info will be encrypted and stored on your flash drive. They're always with you and can be accessed from any computer. You'll never have to guess again or go through the forgotten password process ever again.

  • Secure your Flash Drive files
  • Create Secure File Vaults on any computer that can only be accessed with your Flash Drive
  • Password Manager to organize, manage and secure all your passwords as well as a password strength indicator to tell you how secure your password created is
  • Secure files can be hidden or visible
  • Super fast 512 bit Polymorphic Encryption
  • Live search feature
  • Automatic File Compression when files are encrypted, increases the amount of information that can be stored on your Flash Drive or in your PC/network vaults
  • Works on any serial numbered Flash Drive
  • Software never loads on the host computer; only on the Flash Drive itself never leaving a foot print behind
  • Create unlimited encrypted vaults on any laptop, or network drive
  • Runs on Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and Mac OSX
  • Drag and Drop Functionality
  • Encrypt any type of computer file
  • Open, edit and save encrypted files without ever having to decrypt them
  • Lost Flash Drive recovery tool
  • Military Wipe Feature
  • Keywords: Encryption, Flash Drive, Password Manager, Vaults