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Consultations are offered with our Résumés and Cover Letter creation services, so we can clearly understand your objectives and prepare your résumé and/or cover letter accordingly.

Services can be purchased on an individual basis or in complete Résumé packages. Service fees are based on the client’s current level of career status. Please contact us for a quote.


Résumé and Curriculum Vitae Writing – A Résumé or CV is created specifically with each client’s career objective in mind. Using customized worksheets and telephone consultations, we gather the information needed to develop a compelling document for your job search or professional needs. Each project is individually priced depending on several factors that include the complexity, position level sought, and years of experience.


This cost effective service allows me to enhance the content and appearance of your résumé to achieve the desired results.  The process includes:

  1. Analyzing your experience, skills, qualifications, attributes and career objectives.
  2. Understanding the areas of employment you are targeting.
  3. Enhancing the structure, format and content of your résumé.
  4. Reviewing the draft to ensure clarity, readability, consistency and impact.

This process is designed to represent your best interest based on the information provided.  Your resume is written in a manner that is easy for you to support at an interview.


The complete service is aimed at increasing the volume and quality of employer response to your Résumé. By carefully developing the content, strategy and approach best suited to your background, we will compose a Résumé that will stimulate employer’s interest and generate interviews for you.

This service involves conducting a detailed analysis of your work experience, skills, qualifications, strengths, attributes and career objective.

Whats included:

1.  Composition, Structure & Design 

2.  Traditional Résumé

3.  ASCII/Scannable Résumé (Electronic Résumé)

4.  Three (3) custom Cover Letter templates

       -  Advertisement Response

       -  Broadcast or Search Firm*

       -  Thank You Letter  (Interview Follow-Up)

5.  Lifetime Storage (Free backup in case of lost documents)

*Search Firm (not included in entry level/trades/non-management packages)


A cover letter is imperativewhen you submit your resume to an employer.

Your cover letter will be custom-composed to summarize your best work and warm your presentation. The cover a letter will be personalized or generic, and can also be formatted for mail-merge.

Cover letters include :

  • Advertising Response
  • Search Firms
  • Broadcast
  • Follow-Up 
  • Thank You (interview follow-up) 
  • Resurrection Letter (continued interest)

Cover Letter – This is an important part of your career toolbox – it is a marketing piece that introduces you and provides valuable highlights of the skills that you have to offer. Depending on the scope of your job search or professional needs, one or more letters may be appropriate so that each stands out as a job-focused document, tailored to fit specific needs, rather than the use of one generic letter. Pricing is discounted when you retain us to develop your resume.

Follow-up Letter - This is an often overlooked gem for job seekers. It is a brief letter that is generally sent out within a few weeks after your original mailing. It is designed to remind a hiring manager of your continued interest, and gives you another opportunity to market your skills.

Interview - Thank you Letter – According to a recent survey, over 80% of hiring managers and recruiters indicated that candidates who sent a thank you letter stood a better chance in the hiring process, if they otherwise met the job requirements. This is a professional courtesy that is overlooked by many job seekers. Give your career package the competitive advantage with the addition of this document.


Comprehensive Resume Review

Don't have enough cash to spare for a full resume writing session? Then our comprehensive resume review is for you! We take your existing resume, red line it with items to take out, let you know if your format is correct and make suggestions on how to improve your document. Resume guidance at an affordable price!

Price: $50.00

If after providing our critique of your Resume and suggested or recommended that you have your resume made over,  $25.00 will be deducted from the fee for writing a new resume based on our suggestions.  The new Resume will be delivered to you electronically.


  • Company Research
  • Résumé submission to online job banks
  • Reference Sheet with matching letter-head
  • Industry Specific Career Information (Where to look for Jobs)

The process for resume services:

  • Upon retention of our services, you will receive a customized questionnaire to complete, that will help us uncover more relevant information.
  • If needed, we will arrange a telephone consultation to discuss our strategy and clarify any needed data.
  • Fees must be made at the time order is placed.
  • Once you have verified that your new resume meets with your satisfaction, we will send the final version in Word.
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