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By: Ibsys Telecom  09-12-2011

We offer these services
Pinless Call Virtual Phone
Pinless call service allows you to make calls from your registered telephone without dialing the pin every time you make a call
  • No need to dial any Pin Number
  • Register up to 5 numbers
  • No Service Charges
  • No monthly Fee
We offer International Local Telephone Numbers for incoming calls from 53 countries. With IBSYS, you are no longer tied to a phone number from your area.
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Parking
  • Call Conference
Calling Card Callback Dialer
Are you tired of getting fake Minutes where you hear a lot of Minutes while connecting but never get it???? IBSYS Telecom Offers Calling Cards for you
  • We offer real Minutes
  • No Connection Fee
  • No Disconnection Fee
  • No Hidden Charge
Nepal Unlimited Call Pakistan Unlimited Call
With Virtual Numbers you can have a local number for any area. Have family in Nepal, but you live in Florida. Pick a virtual number in Nepal - then you can call your family to their Florida Virtual Number and it's a local call for you. Virtual numbers - virtually anywhere
  • Unlimited Local & Long Distance calls from your home calling area
  • Convenient options for what you need
  • No contracts or credit checks
With Ibsys VoIP device you can receive calls from your family members living abroad. By plugging to dedicated device and connect the device to high-speed internet. You are turning your internet service into IP telephone service. Once you connect you can received calls form your family members.
  • Unlimited inbound calls from Pakistan
  • Convenient options for what you need
  • No contracts or credit checks
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