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By:  04-07-2012
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Wedges are a sub-class of irons with greater loft than the numbered irons (generally starting at 45° loft), and other features such as high-mass clubheads and wide soles that allow for easier use in tricky lies. Wedges are used for a variety of short-distance, high-altitude, high-accuracy "utility" shots, such as hitting the ball onto the green ("approach" shots), placing the ball accurately on the fairway for a better shot at the green ("lay-up" shots), or hitting the ball out of hazards or rough onto the green (chipping). There are five types of wedges, with lofts ranging from 45° to 64°: pitching wedge (PW, 48-50°), gap wedge (GW, also "approach", "attack", "utility", or "dual" wedge, typically 52-54°), sand wedge (SW, 55-56°), lob wedge (LW, 60°), and ultra lob wedge (sometimes called the "flop wedge" or FW, 64°).

Keywords: Wedges & Utility Clubs

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