Scientific Training at Hastie Stables

By: Scientific Training  09-12-2011
Keywords: Fitness , Horse, Resistance Training

Heart Rate Monitoring

Heartrate monitors are a very useful tool to determine recovery heartrates, working heartrates, resting heartrates and maximum heartrates. When implemented in a training regime, the heartrate monitor will be a guide as to how your horse adapts to work. Looking at steady state heartrates allows you to make sure the jogging you do is helping cardiovascular fitness or you are wasting valuable jogging time doing little to strengthen your horse's fitness.

Heartrate monitors allow you to work in the target anerobic zones and thresholds. All exercises are downloaded to computer and kept for records on all horses to monitor fitness and times.

Resistance Carts

I use a Pro Trainer Swedish built resistance cart when building strength. The Pro Trainer is very useful in walking with resistance, this builds strength without compromising stride length. Some slow jogging with resistance can be beneficial as well. This training is useful when the horse is getting close to qualifying. More and more research is being done to more understand resistance training in the equine athlete.

Keywords: Fitness , Horse, Resistance Training