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By: Union Health Clinic  09-12-2011
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Union Health Clinic offers a wide variety of products for everyone - from workers to athletes to homemakers to accident victims. These products include orthopaedic shoes (largest selection in Canada), high end custom made foot orthotics, top quality compression socks, TENS machine and unique orthopaedic braces.

Orthopaedic Shoes

Orthopaedic Supplies

We provide a wide variety of orthopaedic braces as well as medical items in order to decrease your pain, improve your function, and protect your joints. Some of the items provided include:

TENNIS ELBOW BRACE: This brace is recommended for patients suffering from tennis elbow injuries. They are available with variable compression control.

WRIST BRACE: This support is recommended for repetitive motion injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis.

BACK BRACE: A brace to support the muscles of the lower back while working or lifting heavy objects.

LUMBAR POWER BELT: A brace to stabilize the pelvis and lumbar spine.

KNEE BRACE: Multi directional support over the soft tissues of the knee joint with a patellar opening.

TENS MACHINE: for electrical massage and natural pain relief at home

Custom Made Foot Orthotics

Your feet are the foundation for a healthy posture. But if the arches in one or both of your feet collapse ('flat feet'), your body isn’t getting correct postural support. Orthotics work with your chiropractor's adjustments to help keep your entire body in proper alignment.

Because the foot bone is connected to the leg bone, the leg bone is connected to the hip bone, and the hip bone is connected to your back bone (spine), even if your feet don’t hurt, the fact that your foundation has been weakened can have a serious impact to the rest of your body. If you are currently having knee, hip, low back or neck pain, the reason may be because your feet are not supporting your joints, bones, or soft tissues above the ankle properly. This lack of support can lead to stress and pain in other parts of your body. If you are having pain in any of the areas mentioned above, ask our chiropractor if your feet could be a contributing factor.

Our orthotics are custom made to your feet. A foam cast technique is used to make the impression of your foot. The cast is then sent to a specialized laboratory to fabricate the orthotic. The orthotics are made from a soft or semi-rigid plastic material to better address your specific needs.

Keywords: carpal tunnel, health clinic, Orthopaedic Shoes, Orthotics

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These treatments include individualized assessment, hands-on manual therapy, advanced brand new physiotherapy modalities, cold laser acupuncture, and specific exercise prescription. To provide maximum benefits, it is used in conjunction with other forms of therapy such as chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, and physical therapy.