tbayrentals Services packages saver bundles

By: Tbayrentals  09-12-2011

Up to this point you saved at least:
  • $50 Hydro's Account setup fee
  • $40 Gas company's Account setup
  • ($250) Gas deposit (if your unlucky)
  • $50 Your time filling out forms

It doesn't stop there. WIFI internet, free long distance, free incomming long distance, free eco technologies implemented, and much more. In terms of the phone this cost along elsewhere could cost you a small fortune. Long distance here is free, anywhere is the US and Canada. All calling features are included for example:

  • Call Display with Name Display
  • Call waiting
  • Blacklist a number (sends a user to a on-hold waiting message forever)
  • privacy call screening - Forces people calling from blocked numbers to manually enter in a phone number.
  • Wake up calls- free wakeup calls off of your extension
  • Call forwarding to any number

You get your own extension which can be used through our main line 1-866-496-1134. This number is toll free anywhere is the Canada and the US. This saves your friends and family a bundle. How much would all of these features cost elsewhere? You probably could imagine.
There is two ways about going at renting the smart way, and the way everyone else is doing it. When you do your estimates or compare around add up all the costs, and hidden costs.

To use our excel spread sheet pick your version of excel:

The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011