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By: Shoppe 4 Vitamins  09-12-2011


Snoring is no joke - especially for the partners of those who emit harsh nocturnal noise. Snoring causes lack of sleep and even leads to marital breakdown. Relief is now at hand. There is a new product that can put a stop to snoring. Since almost half the adult population snores, this breakthrough is welcome news.

"Stop Snoring™" contains natural essential oils that tone the soft palate. It was first developed as a natural oral health product, but users began reporting that their snoring had either stopped or had significantly reduced. This triggered an immediate inquiry by scientists for an explanation.

Clinical trials began, and it was discovered that when the soft palate (pharyngeal tissue) is flaccid and relaxed, it reverberates when air passes over it. However, when it is taut and active, snoring does not occur.

Andrew Pritchard, FRCS, is a senior consultant surgeon who specializes in the treatment of snoring and runs a sleep disturbance clinic at major teaching hospitals in the UK. Mr. Pritchard has completed a clinical study which showed "Stop Snoring™" to be effective in preventing snoring. Similarly, in clinical tests on 81 snorers at Munich University, 76% of the group had reduced snoring.

Stop Snoring™" is a synergistic blend of essential oils, including peppermint, lemon, cloves, dwarf pine, fennel, sage, thyme, balm, eucalyptus, lavender, and mastic. Not only do these oils tone the soft palate, they also unblock the nasal passages and have an anti-bacterial effect.

Recommended by many thousands of happy users who now sleep undisturbed.

Although the effects of "Stop Snoring™" are cumulative, benefits can be experienced from the first day of using the product. It's cost-effective, too. A tiny 5 ml bottle of "Stop Snoring™" lasts for about a month.

At bedtime, simply put three drops of "Stop Snoring™" into 100ml of lukewarm water. This provides enough for six mouthfuls. Gargle with each mouthful for 30 seconds, spitting out after each gargle. That's it! Sleep well - both of you.

Testimonials for "Stop Snoring™"

"Having stayed awake for 30 years next to a cross between a tropical thunderstorm and the drums section of the Brigade Guards .. I was the one to concoct the late night tipple of "Stop Snoring™" .. The gargling ritual over, Clive hit the pillow and the bedroom was silent. But alas, at 2:30 AM the nightly ritual was back and nasal tremors rocked the foundations. Sharp left foot kick into the ribs as he muttered unrepeatable oaths about excessive marketing people, before nodding off again. Then, surprise, surprise. It's morning. Birds are singing and partner silently slumbers. Three days on and the story's even better. Sheer, silent bliss."

Margaret Beddall

"I begged the woman who occasionally shares my bed, the woman whose beautiful mouth produces the distant echo of a chainsaw in the early hours of morning .. "Stop Snoring™" worked. It really did. I just spent the next night waiting for the eerie silence to be broken by familiar honking, but there was just the sound of angels sleeping."

Mark Irving

"Despite being a fairly light sleeper, I usually slumber through John's snoring. But occasionally the volume will be deep enough to wake me and even then I don't see any point in rousing him and ordering him to stop snoring! .. I persuaded John to try "Stop Snoring™" - with very pleasant results. The solution proved to be totally successful as I was not woken even once by any snoring. Each day he woke and asked me if I had been disturbed by his snoring and I have to conclude that "Stop Snoring™" did the trick."

Sharon Careless

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