By: Shoppe 4 Vitamins  09-12-2011

120 tablets

Payn-Ez™. is a unique blend of ingredients help to reduce inflammation, rebuild cartilage and connective tissue, and regenerate the synovial fluid that lubricates joints. Ingredients: marine lipid concentrate (EPA & DHA), glucosamine sulphate, N-acetyl-d-glucosamine, chondroitin sulphate, proanthocyanidins, shark cartilage, gamma-linolenic acid, bilberry extract, manganese aspartate, ascorbyl palmitate (fat soluble vitamin C), and d-alpha tocopherol (vitamin E).

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Providing 1,200,000 USP units of Protease activity; 5,400 USP units of Amylase activity; & 1,100 USP units of Lipase activity. UltraGest™ is a broad spectrum digestive enzyme supplement with hydrochloric acid and bile.


Digestion: Inner Pathway to Health

Digestion is the first step in transforming food into the living tissues for our bodies and into the fuel needed to keep those tissues functioning. Natural treatments for indigestion, heartburn, ulcers, gallstones, mal-absorption, diarrhea and constipation are also covered. Topics include psychological factors, food combining, digestive enzymes, lactic bacteria, and fiber. Read how the digestive system works.


Stop Snoring

Andrew Pritchard, FRCS, is a senior consultant surgeon who specializes in the treatment of snoring and runs a sleep disturbance clinic at major teaching hospitals in the UK. I begged the woman who occasionally shares my bed, the woman whose beautiful mouth produces the distant echo of a chainsaw in the early hours of morning ..