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By: Serious Monkey  09-12-2011
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So your just opening, starting up, or contemplating your own business venture right? Well you will need to keep in mind some very key elements when it comes to branding and marketing your products/services.

Consistency is KEY. If there is one thing that will make or break your business it is this. Ensure your look is consistent across all mediums, from your site, to your business cards, even your invoices (it dramatically affects your consumer confidence).

Some of the services that helped Stephie to start out on the right foot were;

With the average adult attention span (previously thought to be 30 minutes) now at a whopping 7 seconds; you’d hope that your image/brand would fetch you at least an 8 second effort right? Since we are in the age on information, most people decide within 2.7 seconds if your product/company is even worth their time (understandably) because there are literally thousands of “calls to action” around them daily. Why is this important? Simply, if your image/brand is not targeted to your market or visually appealing enough to induce a reference/associative state of mind, your brand will NOT be the first thing they think of when it comes down to purchase time.

With a range of options to choose from when deciding on what type of site will best suit your needs, it is important to keep in mind one thing that most people forget often and that is the old adage “you get what you pay for”. Designing your site is a highly subjective process where we often begin with a design questionnaire to clarify your target market, goals, and even preferences. Download our pricing sheet for more information on these varying types of websites, and don’t hesitate to call if you need something more “complicated” than that.


We offer a hosting service for the simple reason that our clients receive everything from beginning to end with us. Our rates are competitive and you will be offered a list of trusted and even local hosting providers if you would like to shop around.

Business Card Design

When you are out and about, schmoozing, promoting, or even just hooking up, a business card allows someone in a non-invasive way to contact you again. It is an important item to carry at all times, even to your cousin Sam’s baptism (*oh the regret*). Often peoples first thought is “What’s the harm in ordering those free cards?” Simply put, you need to promote your company, not the “free” print shop. People can also tell how much effort you put into your business when you can’t afford business cards or don’t care to have nice ones, so keep that in mind.

Social Media Start Ups

Now in this day and age over 96% of people consult the internet before taking the initiative to contact a company. This means Google (being the most trafficked website ever) will offer up its suggestions as to what information about your company is available and relevant. What do you think that will mean if your company doesn’t have some form of contact online that you are mediating? To be blunt if you Google your company and NOTHING comes up..often it could be better for you than if horrible reviews start populating that list. So all in all, just because you don’t want to acknowledge the tiger under your bed, doesn’t stop it from eating you! Get online and actively brand your look, promote your company in the best of light, and most importantly make connections.

The studio is located at 371 Upper Gage and since people are often intimidated to have their souls stolen we can even provide you with a “handler” who will gently pose you (it’s like that game on who’s line is it anyway). So with that being said our sessions are often 2-4 hours and if you chose not to come to the studio, we can come to you (within the GTA..ah.unless it’s a paid trip to Mexico) with our equipment. The people that often use this service are clients who need to revitalize their image, or need photos of their products. Make sure you view the portfolio of our photographers work.

Keywords: Branding And Marketing, Business Cards

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Well this is often a wise chose for people; however it does not guarantee that people will walk through your door and not your competitors or worse, another franchise owner with your brands door. This is where a local creative campaign would benefit franchise owners, since your main branding is what you are already paying franchise fees for.


Logo and Web Design in Hamilton

It wasn’t long before “Cut it Up” was born, and my market ran to me (some of them, with scissors in hand, now that was scary!). So I needed everything from a name and logo design, to a brilliant marketing campaign and a strategic web design. I was opening up my own salon, and I wasn’t sure what to call it, or even what my target market was. I knew just how valuable a web presence was in this day and age.