Rygiel Supports for Community Living

By: Rygiel  09-12-2011
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Services and Supports

Our vision:

Every person we support will have a full and meaningful life, which means having a home, relationships of all kinds and a variety of socially valued roles.

Who We Are

Rygiel Supports for Community Living is one of 10 agencies in the Developmental Services sector in Hamilton. Together we attempt to provide a continuum of services to our citizens who live with a developmental disability. Each agency focuses on one or more specific components of the continuum. Rygiel Supports for Community Living's mandate directs us to support children and adults who have a developmental disability with other multiple handicapping conditions.

Current Service Recipients

Presently, Rygiel Supports for Community Living supports 186 by providing full time residential services, respite services and some day supports.

How Is Service Provided?

Our model is a community-based, integrated model. Homes of 2, 3 or 4 full time residents welcome people for respite on a regular basis. Currently, Rygiel supports children and adults who are living in 40 various locations throughout the community. Some small, congregate day supports are provided to other community members at 2 sites. Our goal is to help people live fully in their community which includes access to and use of generic amenities and services.

How Can Someone Access Our Service?

An individual (or his/her family) in need of service should make the need known to CONTACT Hamilton at 905-570-8888. An "Intake" is completed and referrals are forwarded to the appropriate agencies.

Other Relevant Services

Rygiel Supports for Community Living has a strong commitment to professional development and training. We offer several courses to our staff, many of which are available to community members. For more information about our training programs, contact Anita Williamson at 905-525-4311, extension 201.

Further service inquiries may be directed to: Ron Trajano, Manager of Resource Planning & Coordination, at 905-525-4311, Ext. 212.

Contact Us

Pour les informations les Services à propos du Développement, contactez ‘le contact Hamilton’ à 905-570-8888 ou le courier électronique .

Keywords: professional development, Respite Services, Supports For Community Living