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By: Dermody P X Funeral Homes Ltd  09-12-2011

Inflation, rising prices, shrinking pay cheques .. it is easy to understand why some of us become completely engrossed in "just getting by". But, by doing so, are you overlooking the vital protection your loved ones need!

It is hard to realize the emotional strain that confronts those who are left to make final arrangements, especially when no decisions were made while the family was still together. Peace of mind is everything.

In short, don't put it off. The older you get the more you'll pay for this kind of security. Give your family or loved ones the peace of mind that will result from your wise planning.

Pre-arrangement will provide you with ..

  • Significant savings on funeral costs
  • The ability to make decisions together now, under normal circumstances rather than leaving one of your loved ones to arrange things alone
  • Being able to save your family the burden of making these decisions at the most difficult time, while under emotional stress
  • Guaranteed funeral costs
  • Single cash payment or affordable monthly payments

Who should make the decisions about your final arrangements? Your survivors or you? Take the time now and spare your family later.

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