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By: Personal Injury Lawyers Hamilton Flaherty - Sloan - Hatfield  09-12-2011
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Brain Injuries require special care.

Whether we like it or not, centuries of prejudice and fear cause people to respond differently to the brain injured or impaired as opposed to other injury victims.

As far as we have advanced, neurology and neuropsychology remain in their infancy with respect to diagnosis and treatment. While we have come a long way, we have a long way to go.

Insurance companies tend to respond to tactile claims – to claims they can feel or touch like broken bones, severed limbs and death. Brain injuries elude their sensitivities.

Brain injuries and psychological trauma however, is as real as any injury. Simply ask the family of the victim.

At Flaherty Sloan Hatfield, we are attuned to the subtleties of the brain injured. Because of this, even though they can be the most difficult and patience taxing of any claim, we can steer the injured and the family through the labyrinth in both the insurance and the medical community.

As Hamilton’s premier personal injury law firm, we are here to help.

Keywords: Injury Law, Injury Law Firm, Insurance Companies, Personal Injury law

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