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By: Netaccess Systems  09-12-2011

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The features and benefits of an IP based surveillance solution compared to analog:

Today more than ever protection of persons and property is of high importance to all businesses. Also monitoring your business systems for productivity, marketing, and other needs make an IP based surveillance system a logical tool.


Powering an analog camera can be costly and difficult. Coaxial cable must be installed to transport the video, then power cabling must be fed to each camera. IP cameras can be run from a Power over Ethernet (PoE) standard, which means cameras can be run over the same cable that transmits data and power.

UPS Integration

An additional advantage of using PoE enabled cameras and LAN Switches, that is often overlooked, is the fact that protection against power loss can be implemented much more cost effectively and simply than for analog CCTV. Traditional analog CCTV cameras require power at each location, thus providing backup power for each camera can often be very expensive. However an IP camera system using PoE, power is injected centrally at the network switch, thus one or two UPS¹s supplying that switch automatically provide backup power to all the cameras. Often it may be the same UPS already in place for the PC and servers.


Analog technology has a significant problem with interlacing, causing moving objects to blur. An IP camera can progressively scan moving objects more clearly. There are no separate interlaced lines, so this method provides a much clearer image.


IP video technology allows the cameras to have a much higher range of 'built in' features. For example, cameras can be programmed to only record on movement, vastly reducing network load. Other features include sun and backlight compensation, dual lenses technology, internal digital storage, audio and SIP telephony.


IP video technology provides scalability for future expansion to many buildings one camera at a time and all pulled back to a central server. You only have the cost of an additional camera. An analog system requires a separate camera and server at each location.


Analog cameras cannot provide resolution above television standards, which corresponds to 0.4 mega-pixels at 4CIF. Many analog systems run at a much lower resolution due to technical and cost restrictions, operating at 0.01 mega pixels. Network video technology can provide a resolution up to 15 times the quality of analog video! The latest cameras now can process video up to 3 Mbp/s.

Milestone Software Features

System Administration and Integration

  • Multi-server and multi-site solution: Unlimited recording of MJPEG, MPEG-4, MPEG-4 ASP, MxPEG and H.264 video from IP cameras and IP video encoders with analog cameras.
  • Unlimited recording and failover servers: Supports unlimited devices per server and offers continuous recording, and recording activated by motion or events.
  • Multicast: Send one video stream to multiple smart clients.
  • Multistreaming: Establish two independent streams from a support camera to the recording server with different resolutions, encodings and frame rates.
  • Network scanning and device model detection: Supports IP cameras and IP video encoder models from major vendors with IP range searching for devices and automatic model identification.
  • Centralized management: Full configuration of all devices, recording servers and users from a remote manager console connected to the management server holding all settings in an MS SQL database.
  • Flexible archiving: Move historical video data multiple times per day to local or network drives, while recording is active.
  • Built-in video motion detection: Video motion detection (VMD) is independent of device models, and supports unlimited devices per recording server.
  • Integration options: Recording server API/SDK, custom events, client plug-ins and shared authentication with XProtect Enterprise 6.x recording servers.
  • IPv4 and IPv6* support: XProtect Corporate 2.0 management server, management client, recording server, failover server and smart client support both IPv4 and IPv6 addressing.

Remote Operations

  • Live view and playback: The smart client and remote client support up to 64 cameras per view from multiple recording servers at the same time.
  • Advanced views layout: Work with private and shared server stored camera views containing up to 8x8 layouts, Hotspot, Matrix and Carousel elements, static and active HTML maps.
  • Intelligent PTZ: Manual control with joystick support, presets, go to preset on event, user priority, patrolling with multiple schemes.
  • Virtual matrix: Control live camera views on remote computers for distributed viewing.
  • Input/Output event control: Via cameras or networked I/O devices for event control, manual event activation and event list in recordings.
  • Multi-channel, two-way audio: Listen-in/recording with instant playback and transmit client microphone input to remote speakers.

Search, Export and Secure Data

  • Post recording processing: Smart search and digital PTZ with optional image smoothing.
  • Evidence export: JPEG, AVI and native database formats with stand alone recording viewer, data encryption and logs, user notes and report printing.
  • User authentication: Microsoft active directory or local Windows user accounts.
  • Logs: Store system, event, audit, rule and alert log entries in a centralized Microsoft SQL database.

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