Digital Phone Service

By: Netaccess Systems  09-12-2011

Full - Featured Solution

The DPS1 is a full-featured phone solution combining the best of analog capabilities with the advanced features only found in IP delivered products.

Leading Edge

The DPS1 solution is a leading edge business class platform for communication needs.

Low Cost

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) has become immensely popular because it has been able to deliver voice communications at a fraction of the cost of traditional telecommunications. However, these cost savings are often at the expense of voice quality. Not so with the new Digital Phone System (DPS1) from NetAccess. You receive impressive cost savings and outstanding voice quality.

Superior Design

NetAccess has engineered a solution to take advantage of the benefits of VoIP while not compromising on voice quality. Unlike many vendors of VoIP services who rely on the public Internet to deliver their services, NetAccess delivers its digital phone service over its own private network; thereby guaranteeing excellent quality of service (QOS) and superior voice quality. Take a test drive on our digital phone system and hear for yourself.

Low Latency - High Quality

NetAccess understands that in order to provide secure and reliable phone solutions the voice service provider must manage the network end to end. That is why we leverage on our DSL connections and integration with Bell to provide a solution that does not use public internet. The result is very low latency and a higher quality of service.

Analog Failover

In addition, the DPS1 solution uses a failover to analog lines to provide a continuous phone connection even if your internet is down.

Digital Features

Enjoy all the features of a digital phone system and Nationwide long distance free calling while having the same quality of voice you currently enjoy with an analog system.

Excellent Savings and ROI

The DPS1 solution provides tremendous benefits for businesses with branch office or employees working from home as the system can extend out over the internet seamlessly. ROI is typically 10 to 15 months.

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