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By: Modulus Handling Systems Inc.  11-02-2013
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  Modulus Handling Systems carries a full range of below the hook devices for your industrial needs in both standard sizes and custom fabricated equipment for specific tasks.  
Coil hooks (c-hook) Coil hooks are most often used to lift and move loads such as coiled cable, paper-rolls, steel culverts or any product wrapped around a spool. When you make a lift, you want to be sure the coil hook you use is the most appropriate for the job and will perform it safely. Several design options are available such as telescopic, horizontal and vertical lifters and will be designed to suit your specific product.  

Coil Tongs  
Coil Tongs are suitable for transporting coils on a horizontal axis in applications such as loading or unloading coils of steel. A variety of options may be designed to specifically suit your needs, such as being available in a wide range of capacities and sizes, in both motorized and completely mechanical models.  

Coil Grabs   Used in situations where coils are positioned where the underside of the coil is not accessible, a coil grab is required. By firmly gripping the outside and inside diameter rim, the Coil Tong will grabs hold of the entire coil as opposed to threading the centre spool like a C hook . For added grip, a coil tong can be designed with second set of jaws to distribute the force of the jaws around the coil more uniformly.   

Pallet lifters
Pallet lifters are used to transport loads on pallets in situations where a lift truck or forklift is not available or where pallets must be transported to areas out of reach by other methods. Our Pallet Lifters are balanced to hang level, and forks may be fixed or adjustable.   

Manipulators, End Effectors and Vacuums
Modulus offers a variety of products which enable weightless lifting, moving, positioning and stacking of your product.  To cover a wider area of operation, devices can be mounted on monorails or bridge cranes, either suspended from the ceiling or mounted on columns.  
Vacuum attachments can use basic support such as the Orbit-Arm, a pivoting joined arm which can assume innumerable positions within a 9.9 ft. radius. It can be fixed to a ceiling or wall, or can be mounted on a floor-fixed column or an electrically powered truck.  

Manipulators rotate and position your product efficiently and damage free. The industrial applications are nearly unlimited for: ·         Composite Molds ·         Fabrication and Assembly ·         Materials/Metal Handling ·         Machining ·         Die and Mold Maintenance ·         Assembly Line
We can design solutions to meet your specific manipulator or vacuum requirements such as: ·         Molded Product Removal ·         Inspection and Repair ·         Leveling ·         Rotating  

Lifting Beams/Spreader Beams
Modulus will supply standard and/or custom fabricated lifting beams to accommodate your applications. Lift your loads safely and keep them level using single or multiple attachment points.  Beams can be of a fixed length or adjustable and be used in conjunction with many different under hook attachments. Capacities range from ½ ton to 20 ton and span from 2 to 30 feet on our standard models. Adjustable hook positions are set in 3’’, 6” or 10” increments.    
Design Options include: ·         Fixed Spread Economy Lifting Beam ·         Fixed Twin Basket Sling Lifting Beam ·         Adjustable Lifting Beam ·         Adjustable Spreader/Lifting Beam ·         Low Headroom Multiple Spread Lifting Beam ·         Heavy Duty Twin Basket Sling Lifting Beam ·         Twin Hoist Lifting Beam ·         Adjustable Bail Lifting Beam ·         Load Leveler Lifting Beam ·         Load Rotating / Positioning Beam ·         Three Point Lifting Beams ·         Twin Hoist Rotating Lifting Beams ·         Chlorine Cylinder Lifting Beam ·         Fixed Spreader Beams ·         Adjustable Spreader Beams ·         Fiberglass Spreader Beams ·         Custom Spreader Systems    

Sheet Lifter
Sheet lifters enable one single operator to quickly, easily and safely lift sheet bundles, plate, wallboard, plywood, glass and many other types of horizontally stacked material.  Lifters can be manually operated or powered, and designed to fit the dimensions of your product specifically, or be adjustable.    

Rigging Slings Modulus is a supplier and fabricator of slings for your lift applications including web fibre slings, wire rope slings and chain slings. 

Keywords: Handling Equipment, Hoists, Lifting Beams, Spreader Beams, underhook attachments

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Other products and services from Modulus Handling Systems Inc.


Pre-Start Health and Safety Reviews

PSR's are required when new equipment or modified equipment are introduced into the workplace. The workplace and work procedures are reviewed by a professional engineer who is familiar with the equipment and processes that is able to verify the general conformity with the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Safety Act of Ontario and the Regulations for Industrial Establishments .


N.D.T. - Non Destructive Testing

NDT is an examination of products for defects/cracks. Modulus employs a wide range of analysis techniques to evaluate the properties of material without causing damage. In areas where welds are used to join two or more metal parts, non-destructive testing is imperative because welds may encounter loads that may cause the structure to fail if not created to proper specification.


Home Made Device / System Certification

 Ontario law states a lifting device shall be made of sufficient strength to ensure the safety of all workers. In addition, each device is to be inspected by a competent person. Lifting devices shall have specific markings and instruction for proper use. At Modulus our professionals are “Competent” and knowledgeable, capable of evaluating and supplying complete certification of your devices to ensure safety according to the law.


Engineered Drawing Certification

We offer complete engineering drawings for material handling products including bill of materials, cut lists, fabrication details and Professional Engineering Certification.

Fork Lift Coil Ram from Modulus Handling Systems Inc. thumbnail

Fork Lift Coil Ram

  Fork Lift Coil Ram Coil Rams are used to easily maneuver many types of coiled material. Units can be customized to specific core diameters, lengths and load capacities.  They minimize or eliminate the need for other overhead lifting devices such as coil grabs and are simple and fast to attach or remove from a forklift.

Overhead Crane from Modulus Handling Systems Inc. thumbnail

Overhead Crane

From Light Rail to Heavy Duty Double Girder overhead cranes, Modulus will design and install the ideal lifting solution for your requirements.

Lift and Rotate Table from Modulus Handling Systems Inc. thumbnail

Lift and Rotate Table

Rotating Lift Tables (Turntables) Modulus provides smooth running rotating tables, turntables or carousel systems.

Mezzanines from Modulus Handling Systems Inc. thumbnail


  Modulus provides mezzanines that help you transform unused overhead space into valuable floor space.

Hydraulic Tilt Table/Upender from Modulus Handling Systems Inc. thumbnail

Hydraulic Tilt Table/Upender

Hydraulic/Pneumatic Tilt Tables or Upenders can be used tilt product to an ergonomically friendly working position, to change the position of a product that is being worked on, to quickly load pallet trucks and to reduce the danger in changing the position of heavy loads. 

Transfer Systems from Modulus Handling Systems Inc. thumbnail

Transfer Systems

Transfer Systems   Modulus custom designs a variety of system to facilitate the quick and easy movement of all your products.  From basic carts on wheels to fully automated or radio controlled rail systems, our transfer systems simplify and accelerate the manufacturing process.    

Conveyor Systems from Modulus Handling Systems Inc. thumbnail

Conveyor Systems

 Conveyor Systems Modulus will custom design, fabricate and manufacture conveyor systems to suit your special needs. We can manufacture anything from simple gravity conveyors or complete turnkey conveyor systems in our plant. We provide the most cost effective and reliable equipment for your material handling needs.

Forklift Attachments from Modulus Handling Systems Inc. thumbnail

Forklift Attachments

Modulus offers standard and custom forklift attachment devices to handle a multitude of products. Standard devices easily slide on and off of most forklifts without modification. Our designs will keep the forklift driver in his seat for as many applications as possible while manipulating the product in a fast and safe manner.

Jib Cranes/Lifting from Modulus Handling Systems Inc. thumbnail

Jib Cranes/Lifting

High Capacity Multi-Purpose Jib Cranes Jib cranes are effective methods of repeatedly moving heavy items quickly and cost effectively from one work station to another.  A variety of Jib Crane options can be designed to suit the specific needs or layout of your facility.

Lift Table from Modulus Handling Systems Inc. thumbnail

Lift Table

Custom hydraulic or pneumatic lift tables for your manufacturing/production needs