Cost for laser hair removal

By: Main West Laser  09-12-2011
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We pride ourselves on offering services that make our laser hair removal treatments affordable for any budget - why pay more? We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to gain confidence in their appearance by achieving the hairless look they’ve always wanted – permanently. We offer our services on a pay-as-you-go basis – you will never be locked into a contract with us for a series of treatments, so you may undergo as little or as many treatments as you wish to achieve your desired look.

   Procedure Our Fees   
Chin $ 70.00
Neck, back $ 75.00
Neck, front $ 75.00
Upper Lip $ 60.00
Cheeks $ 95.00
2 sites $ 110.00
Full Face $ 200.00
Sideburns $ 75.00
Glabella $ 25.00
Abdomen - Full  $ 155.00
Breast/Chest  $ 155.00
Chest - Centre Strip  $ 60.00
Abdomen - Centre strip  $ 60.00
Full Back  $ 280.00
Upper Back  $ 200.00
Lower Back  $ 120.00
Shoulders  $ 160.00
Buttocks  $ 230.00
Bikini - Full  $ 200.00
Bikini line  $ 120.00
Thighs  $ 320.00
Lower legs  $ 240.00
Full Legs  $ 500.00
Feet  $ 90.00
Toes  $ 50.00
Underarms  $ 110.00
Upper Arms  $ 160.00
Forearms  $ 150.00
Full Arms  $ 300.00
Hands  $ 65.00
Fingers  $ 50.00
Nipples  $ 50.00
Nose  $ 40.00
Ears   $ 55.00
Head  $ 360.00
Abdomen  $ 230.00
Chest  $ 225.00
Chest & Abdomen  $ 440.00
Back  $ 450.00
Upper Back  $ 335.00
Lower Back  $ 145.00
Shoulders  $ 185.00
Upper Arms  $ 200.00
Forearms  $ 185.00
Full Arms  $ 385.00
Hands  $ 65.00

Prices are per session and do not include HST.
Prices and menu items are subject to change without notice. Revised October 2010.

The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011

Keywords: hair removal, laser hair, Laser Hair Removal

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