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By: Livermore Software Technology  09-12-2011
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ETA is the developer of the Inventium Suite™, PreSys™, VPG and DYNAFORM.  ETA is also the proud distributor of LS-DYNA in Indiana, Michigan and Western Ohio.
Concept to Product. Recently introduced to the market, the Inventium Suite™ is an enterprise-level CAE software solution, enabling concept to product.  Inventium’s first set of tools will be released soon, in the form of an advanced Pre & Post processor, called PreSys. 


unified and streamlined product architecture will provide users access to all of the suite’s software tools.  By design, its products will offer a high performance modeling and post-processing system, while providing a robust path for the integration of new tools and third party applications.


solution will include some progressive new tools, while retaining ETA’s legacy software products VPG and DYNAFORM.  These two flagship products will be released under the


architecture later this year.  In the meantime, these applications continue to be available. 

Inventium’s core FE modeling toolset.  It is the successor to ETA’s VPG/PrePost and FEMB products.  PreSys offers an easy to use interface, with drop-down menus and toolbars, increased graphics speed and detailed graphics capabilities. These types of capabilities are combined with powerful, robust and accurate modeling functions.

Advanced systems analysis package.  VPG delivers a unique set of tools which allow engineers to create and visualize, through its modules--structure, safety, drop test, and blast analyses.

Complete Die System Simulation Solution. The most accurate die analysis solution available today. Its formability simulation creates a "virtual tryout", predicting forming problems such as cracking, wrinkling, thinning and spring-back before any physical tooling is produced.

LS-DYNA is a general purpose nonlinear finite element program capable of simulating complex real-world problems.  Livermore Software Technology Corporation (LSTC - is the developer of LS-DYNA. 

Keywords: Die Analysis, Software Technology,

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