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By: Kitestring  09-12-2011
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kitestring creative branding studio » professional

As I made my way down the journey of having our first child, my husband and I spent hours and hours discussing (debating, arguing…) over what to name the new little boy that was about to enter our world.

“too stuffy”

“too kiddy”

“too dated”

“too trendy”

the debate went on and on…

When we finally agreed on Jack – it put a smile on our faces. We knew it was going to be the right handle to take our munchkin from newborn cuteness to rockin’ old man that I’m sure he’ll be!

Back at the studio, we also have the opportunity to assist many entrepreneurs craft the perfect name and breathe life into their new business or venture.

And, just like naming our children, we take this task as no small undertaking! After all, your brand name is often the first interaction that your business has with your audience. It must peak interest, stick with them and reaffirm your brand promise (for starters)…all within a name!

Often times we have clients come to us and announce, “I haven’t done anything but, I have a name!”.

Eeek! How can you have a name without having determined your brand character, objective and promise?!? How is this random name going to be the brand spokesperson out there in the market, working hard to gain you recognition in the marketplace? (Can we say ‘square peg in a round hole?!’)

Don’t dismiss the power of a brand name too quickly before reading the following example:

On my travels, I’ve come across a business named “Almost Perfect Frozen Food”. Really? Almost perfect? Is that what you want me to feel as I drive by contemplating whether or not I should stop in? No thanks, I think I’ll pass!

And, as quickly as the car passes by, I’ve made a judgement on the brand! To be fair, I want to assume that they *must* have intended to communicate ‘as close to home cooking without cooking’. (My mind went to the food that you pop in the freezer with the hopes that you caught in before spoiling…the last ditch effort of extending its life just a wee bit longer…)

So, the big lesson here…please, don’t go about naming your business with a willy-nilly, gut feeling. Not because ‘it sounds nice’, or ‘its named after my pet’.

Do yourself a favour – be strategic and craft it to reflect the brand you want to present into the marketplace, one that will speak to your audience, stand the test of time and, leave them with an instant positive impression!

Almost perfect frozen lasagna, anyone!?

Keywords: Branding Studio, Creative Branding

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I am hesitant to even share my Twitter account with friends and family, not because I don’t want them to see it, but because it’s mostly about nerdy stuff, and would bore the hell out of them. I made sure to update and fill in my Google profile, so that if someone was to look for me using Google, they would see what I want them to see.


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The social will be held at the beautiful Staircase Theatre (27 Dundurn Street North) on March 3rd, 2010 from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Kitestringâ??s first ever social media social has limited seating, so please register here by purchasing your ticket. Can you think â??socialâ? today without wondering what the tweet to do about social media. Bringing old and new together for the first time, kitestring is pleased to host Snow Ball.


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HYPE is a free event for professional young bucks where both howdya doâ??s and sass are welcome and business card stickups are considered real tacky-like. Thereâ??s fun aplenty and a chance to satisfy yer hankering for some Southern fare with all the fixins.


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The “kitestring players’ started the Social with a short skit titled â??Lemonade Standâ?, a story about building your brand using online communications. We pretended that balloons were social media interactions, and that everyone in the audience was the worldâ??s online audience. It was a fun filled morning of learning about social media, enjoying each others company and eating some scones.


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Kitestring successfully launched over 15 brands this year, including 3 kids stores, two local events and a bottle of red. Here is a little review for all our followers. 2009 was a GREAT year at kitestring.