By: Jnepower  09-12-2011
Keywords: Engineering, Wind Turbine

JNE Power offers a full range of equipment supply, engineering, design, procurement, construction and start-up services required to ensure the successful completion of a wind turbine power plant.

JNE has the required experienced engineering, project management, and construction resources that can ensure the optimum results by offering the convenience of turnkey project teams and solutions in designing, building and supporting various levels of solar system requirements, from pre-installation assessment and evaluation program services through design and installation to post installation services that include performance tracking and monitoring services.

At the heart of our process is our ability to understand the needs of our clients. From front end engineering to design engineering, construction and long-term support, our team brings an uncommon level of expertise to every project.

Keywords: Engineering, Wind Turbine

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JNEpower.com - construction

Approvals Based on a track record of success for many power plants over the years, JNE will work with you to develop strategies and successfully navigate the approvals processes to meet municipal, provincial and federal requirements. Construction set-up and monitoring Our skilled team will determine the optimum equipment configuration and devise innovative approaches to assure total cost effectiveness during all phases of the construction stage.


JNEpower.com - frontend

Project evaluation & planning Upfront engineering services during the initial analysis period include project evaluation and planning for later design and construction stages, including preliminary work on the approvals, site foundation and construction processes.


JNEpower.com - detailed

Procurement and equipment supply Specifications, evaluation, selection and procurement of all equipment and material required for the wind power system are delivered through the JNE team in conjunction with hardware manufacturers. We offer a wide range of engineering services that encompass a broad range of disciplines: mechanical, electrical, civil/structural/architectural, instrumentation/controls, process and safety systems.


JNEpower.com - longterm

Based on experience with over 2,000 wind turbine installations, our Mitsubishi trained service technicians are fully equipped to provide localized service with rapid real-time response. Extended warranty plans, spare parts and long term maintenance plans are customized to suit your project needs and performance criteria. Service and warranties Project support services are available in conjunction with Mitsubishi’s core power experts.