Ira McDonald Construction Ltd - designbuilding

By: Ira Mcdonald  09-12-2011

Ira McDonald Construction brings strong pre-construction and construction service expertise along with our established network of Consultants, sub-trades, and suppliers to the design-build process to provide the following:

•  Establish and incorporate key strategic design team members
•  Identify and address design objectives
•  Determine sub-trades and fixed costs
•  Develop and execute quality control schedules

This creates a teamwork environment in which all parties work together to ensure success. This results in a higher level of quality and workmanship, and a lower level of risk.

Other products and services from Ira Mcdonald


Ira McDonald Construction Ltd - constructionmanagement

The Construction Management approach lends itself to "fast track" or phased construction; which can result in timesaving efficiencies.


Ira McDonald Construction Ltd - contracts

Our competitive approach to tendered contracts through our network-established team of sub trades and suppliers, demonstrates our ability to produce a quality product in the best interest of the project. Ira McDonald's estimating team continually submits bids in the Tendered market, keeping current with the pricing trends, methods of construction, and labour relations.


Ira McDonald Construction Ltd - preconstructionservices

Preconstruction services provide clients with the benefit of early analysis of a construction plan in order to establish time, cost and quality control impacts to the project prior to construction, allowing the client and the design team to make the best decisions that result in "the best value for your dollar". Money is saved in the planning stage; spent in the construction stage.