By: E Z Loader  09-12-2011
Keywords: Powder Coat, Black Powder Coat, Powder Coat Finish

The E Z Loader was designed with the thought of being more than just a device for loading your motorcycle.

I always wanted an air table for my shop to clean and do maintenance on my bikes and other equipment (I am getting too old for working on my hands and knees).

With that in mind I started making sketches, taking measurements and before long the first EZLoader was built and mounted in the back of my Sprinter van.

The design considerations were to keep it light, make it versatile, user friendly, easy to store and affordable.

The EZLoader has 4 main components: the air table that weighs about 300 lbs. but is on wheels and easily rolls around the garage; the main rails with the winch which weighs about 110 lbs and also comes with wheels that bolt on so you can roll it around as easy as a wheelbarrow; and the left and right rails that can be easily carried and stored.

The versatility of this unit is not limited to just motorcycles but also lends itself to loading any heavy item (Riding Lawn Mowers, ATVs, Snowmobiles, portable welders, etc.) and has an optional wide loading kit for the air lift table that extends it to 4 ft. wide.

Some of our customers, although they like the thought of having an air table really did not need one or have a place to use one, so to meet their needs I designed and built a cart that takes the place of the air table and lowers the cost of the EZLoader by about $500.00 .

The EZLoader requires minimal initial installation and after that goes in and out of your truck in less than 5 minutes.

It stores away easily and a bracket kit can be purchased to hang it on the garage wall.

The unit uses a 12 volt winch that provides the power to load and unload your precious cargo unassisted so you can load up and go anytime anywhere and still tow your travel trailer. 

The E Z Loader has a very durable black powder coat finish to keep it looking good for many years to come.

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Keywords: Black Powder Coat, Powder Coat, Powder Coat Finish

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