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By: Datafax  09-12-2011

In some situations, completing and faxing paper CRFs is still the best solution. Some of the reasons why this might be so include:

  • In Praise of Paper

    A well designed paper CRF is a creation of remarkable beauty and simplicity; light weight, no power or internet requirements, easy to navigate, and familiar to all. As a data capture tool it is very hard to beat.

  • In Praise of Fax

    When a paper form is used as the primary data capture tool, what could be simpler or faster than faxing it to it's destination.

  • Source Documents

    If copies of source documents must be collected, faxing them will typically be more convenient than scanning them to a PC, and much faster than sending a photocopy by courier.

  • Time is Precious

    If a busy health care provider must choose between the practice of medicine and data entry, guess which task will be put on the back burner. In such cases you'll probably get the data quicker by fax than by EDC.

  • Technology Sucks

    Not everyone is in love with computers, and some are downright hostile. If you want these individuals to participate in a research project it may be necessary to provide them with simple paper forms.

  • Out in the Jungle

    There are still places in the world where the information super highway just doesn't go.

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    Clinical DataFax Systems Inc - whatisidatafax

    On opening a patient binder the user can review previously entered data, make corrections, enter reasons to explain invalid values, reply to queries from the study coordinating center, and enter new data. When finished with a page the user sends it to the coordinating center by cliking one of 3 save buttons: 'Final', 'Incomplete' or 'Pending'.


    Clinical DataFax Systems Inc - datafaxfeatures

    When the review is complete the data record is saved in the study database with status 'Final' if the record is complete and status 'Incomplete' or 'Pending' if the record contains invalid values or outstanding data queries. Intelligent character recognition software scans each CRF page and completes as many of the data fields as possible. Queries created by study management staff or edit checks.


    Clinical DataFax Systems Inc - whatisdatafax

    All CRF pages are stored along with the data records and queries in an integrated CRF image and data management system. The clinical sites typically complete paper CRFs even when required to subsequently enter the data into an EDC system.