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By: Cmrc Lube Solutions  09-12-2011
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Discover the Differences of the Intelligent Centralized Lubrication System
The CMRC Intelligent Centralized Lubrication System is a patented product developed by Beijing CMRC. This patented system offers many benefits and advantages in lubrication principle, functions and layout. The unique features of CMRC system have proven to be a revolutionary solution to outperform traditional Dual-line and Single-line Systems.

Intelligent Centralized Lubrication System VS. Single-line and Two-line Systems
Lubrication System Intelligent Centralized System
Traditional style Dual-line system
Series Type Single-line System
Principle Each lube point is individually controlled, detected and monitored in real time. Lubricant is delivered to the distributors. It depends on the lube system pressure . Series connection of valves. Each lube point replies on the others.
Grease supply Grease directly flows to each individual lube point. Each lube point is individually controlled. If one valve fails, the other valves are not affected and continuously working as normal. Deliver grease over a long distance. Grease flows to the distributors via two main lines. The lube points having lowest back pressure get the grease first. If one point is failed, grease continues flowing to the remaining valves. Grease flows through the first valve to the lube point, then to the next valve in line. If one lube point is blocked or failed, the whole lube system will shut down.
Fault Detection The system detects and monitors each individual lube point in real time. Lube status of all lube points is monitored, recorded and displayed lively. The fault at any lube point will be clearly showed on a monitor screen with an alarm. It is difficult to identify a failed or blocked lube point, as grease will continue to flow through the remaining valves. There will be no clear sign of which valve failed. Search for failed point is inevitable on the site. If one lube point is blocked, the full system fails. No obvious sign can be used to quickly identify the exact failure point. Taking time to locate and fix the problem.
Expansion Easy, flexible and reliable. Easy to expand. Complicated to expand.
Maintenance Simple structure makes fix or replace parts much easy. Malfunctions can be clearly identified and fixed quickly. Low maintenance cost. No notification of exact fault points. Requires walking to the site to identify the fault points. Need shut down system to fix fault points. Complex structure,Difficult to repair and high maintenance cost.

Keywords: Lube

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C M R C  Lube Solutions Inc - services

CMRC office in Chicago Illinois USA will provide after-sales technical support and maintain any replacement parts needed for the system. CMRC factory engineers visit your plant to layout the design and list the materials needed to install the system for your project. Upon showing interest in the products of CMRC, Sino-American Import & Export LLC. A customer or potential customer can expect the following services from CMRC.