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By: Allcargo Group  09-12-2011
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How International Shipping Rates Are Calculated

People who have shipped an item anywhere in the world know that costs often vary per shipment, but just how are these costs applied?

Well, international shipping rates have many determining factors and rates of calculation. Below are a few of the ways in which a parcel or freight handling service will calculate these international mailing rates.

1. Weight of shipment - An item's weight will greatly determine the cost of sending it to its target destination. Defining this shipping weight is a rather simple process that combines mass properties with the height of the item. Most shipping services use a scale that automatically determines these factors. Crated items are of course, assessed a bit differently. These items are priced by determining the length, weight and height of the property (L x W x H). In other words, it is worked out by total cubic meters as well as the weight. An individual can also choose to have their shipment placed on a pallet instead of a crate. Pallets are generally calculated based on "load". For example-is it less than a truck load (LTL) or less than a (plastic) container load (LCL). In the end, the manner and method in which you choose to ship an item will depend on what it is and how much you can reasonably spend to ship it.

2. Location and shipping address - international shipping rates are also classified by the destination of the shipment. It may cost far more to ship to Singapore than it would to ship an item to Europe. Again, dimensional weight and height are factored into the overall costs when considering location; however travel difficulty and distance can factor into pricing as well. When considering shipping your item, try to research the location that you intend to ship to so you can understand more about how the international shipping rates are applied.

3. Type of item being shipped - cars, furniture, and other fundamentally large structures will cost more to ship internationally than baggage or clothing. A large portion of this cost will be due to having to crate the items. The cost of crating itself can be expensive, with a shipment as large as a car pricing at $5,000 or more. You could of course, shop around to locate the best deals in international shipping rates, however, when it comes to important properties, like your personal goods or your automobile, it would pay to ship with the best of the best.

Additional Pricing

Additional costs can be added to international shipping rates depending on if you need certain supplies to help pack your shipment. For instance, if you need boxes or wrapping you can go to a local U-Haul or other type of store that sells packaging materials or even get boxes from your local grocery store.

Know Before You Go

The Internet is an invaluable resource when it comes to investigating your options in regards to freight shipping and international shipping rates. The savvy shipper will utilize the web to find out about his options, carefully planning his budget so he can get his parcels to the appropriate destinations on time, every time.

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Keywords: International Shipping

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