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By: Allcargo Group  09-12-2011

Less than container load shipments: (not enough to fill a container with your own goods)
We can arrange for your shipment once it has been packed up in boxes, crates or a Lift Van to most destinations worldwide in one of the 'Groupage' or Less than Container load services for you. The freight rates are based on the overall size and space your shipment takes up inside the container. We can give you an estimate of the costs when you are able to give us the dimensions of your shipments and the estimated weight.We can not accept UNPACKED goods in our LCL service and we can only handle shipments that we packed in boxes, cartons, drums, and barrels or in some other way PACKED.

If you have loose furniture it has to be packed before we can accept it for shipment in a groupage container. If you are not able to adequately pack your furniture you can have a local mover pack it for you.

It is important to have a good idea of the sizes of your cartons or boxes as well as the estimated weights.

  • Full container shipments: (The containers are 20 foot or 40 foot long by 8 foot wide and 8.5 foot or 9 foot high)

Please advise the details of your place of loading such as city and zip / postal code if you want us to quote to have the container brought to your house for loading.

We do not arrange for the loading of your goods into the container. For this you can do this on your own or hire local labor to take your goods from your house and load them into the container. You can also arrange with a local mover to pack your goods into the container that we will have brought to your home. When do you plan to make your shipment? If you plan to make your shipment more than three months in the future keep in mind that rates may change and it is more effective to start to plan your shipment about 6 weeks before you expect to make your shipment.Please advise your full contact details (phone/fax/E-mail etc.) when you are ready to start to arrange for your shipment.

We are ready to assist you with all your transportation needs.

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All Cargo Group - shipmentbooking

Your name as "Shipper" and name and address of your "Consignee" party (the person you designate to pick up your boxes at the CFS at your destination) must be on both sides and the top of every box. Payment can be made by Bank check, certified check, bank transfer, wire transfer, direct deposit, cash, money order or credit card and must be made prior to shipment from our warehouse.


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AllCargo Group is the management team that can put at your disposal all the elements to arrange any type of shipment.


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Quality should always be placed above cost, as it is not price alone that should be the determining factor, other points come into play in any decision. To practice partnering, treat your service providers as true members of the team and establish long-term relationships. Property management has become so complicated and varied, we must rely on our contractors for expert advice.


All Cargo Group - shippingrates

The savvy shipper will utilize the web to find out about his options, carefully planning his budget so he can get his parcels to the appropriate destinations on time, every time. Dimensional weight and height are factored into the overall costs when considering location; however travel difficulty and distance can factor into pricing as well.


All Cargo Group - autoguide

For shipments via RO/RO all vehicles are driven onto the vessel and keys must therefore be left in the vehicle or handed over to the terminal operator as per custom of the port. The exact dimensions are required to ensure that the vehicle can be stowed properly to avoid damage and to calculate freight. Terminal operation hours and terms for storage charges vary and we recommend that you check with us for the relevant times.


All Cargo Group - shippingcars

While loading and securing cars in ocean freight containers we strongly recommend considering a quality loading company experienced in shipping vehicles from US oversea. Most likely you will find that service from an international moving company appear more convenient than from an international transportation company.