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By: Acc International  09-12-2011
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Cleaning your fleet is not a luxury; it’s a necessity. A clean fleet is a professional and safe fleet. Frequent cleaning projects a professional image and helps protect your investment.

PowerbrusH2O transforms fleet washing from messy and time-consuming to simple and efficient. Compared to hand washing, PowerbrusH2O is the most economical and time-saving solution on the market today.

PowerbrusH2O is a one-operator system. One person is able to clean a vehicle in only 5 minutes, using very little water and soap. A proper hand wash can take 30-60 minutes and uses up to 80% more water and soap than the PowerbrusH2O.

Click the chart below to see the remarkable savings in employee costs PowerbrusH2O offers.

Hand Washing
  • Inconsistent or poor quality of cleaning?
  • Mechanics spending valuable, costly time cleaning?
  • Contracting out?
  • High employee turnover on your wash crew?
  • High water and detergent consumption?
  • Labor intensive process?
  • Acid washing creating the risk of employee injury or illness?
  • Water Efficient – only 5 gallons a minute of cold water means you can complete a wash with less than a half bathtub of water.
  • Ecological – the brush does the majority of the cleaning! Our biodegradable soap system costs less than $0.20 per wash and results in reduced chemical consumption.
  • Time Efficient – 5 minutes to wash a vehicle, leaving more time for detailing.
  • Space Efficient – no floor-mounted tracks or hardware required; just tuck the PowerbrusH2O in the corner when you are finished and you have a multi-use area.
  • Energy Efficient – only uses enough electricity per wash cycle to pop 2 bags of popcorn in a microwave.

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Keywords: vehicle, Vehicle Washing, washing

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