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Church Software

MemberLink is a tool to help church administration. It has the regular features of church software…

  • Allows changes to be made once to a central database
  • Keeps track of Households and Individuals
  • Generates Printable Lists and Reports
  • Can be used to record contributions and pledges

…as well as offering many unique features.

MemberLink is Unique

  1. Daily backups are done automatically and stored offsite for added peace of mind. Never worry about losing all your information again!
  2. The option of multiple access areas means that some members of your church (such as a pastor or an elder) can obtain more information than other members. For instance, they can quickly see baptism and profession of faith dates or the inactive status of a member, while maintaining confidentiality since access is limited.
  3. No downloading or installation needed. A web browser is the only requirement.
  4. Never waste time on upgrades. You will be accessing the most up to date MemberLink service - all the time!

More about MemberLink

  • Create your own custom lists with the information you need.
  • Access quick statistics including births and deaths in a year.
  • Setup includes taking as much of your information that is already electronic and putting it into the database to save you time typing.

MemberLink's goals are to promote communication and to build community. Members of the church can easily find out who the chairperson is for a committee or send a memo to each person on a specific committee. Need to see who the ministry contact persons are or get a list of all the leaders in the church? No problem. Members won't have to call the secretary to get the information they need. They can look it up anytime.

System Requirements

To access MemberLink all that is needed is a connection to the internet and an Internet browser enabled with 128-bit encryption. Examples of browsers meeting this criteria: Netscape 4+; IE 6+; Mozilla / Firefox (any version).


Want to try MemberLink out? Check out this fully-working demo site right now!

All information is made up and any relation to actual persons or addresses is coincidental. Do not enter any real information as it will be available to anyone else looking at the demo.


The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011

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