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By: Air Lodge  09-12-2011
Keywords: Aircraft, Boilers, Waste Oil Furnaces

Waste oil furnaces and boilers

Air-Lodge offers professional AME services by 2 licensed technicians with combined experience of over 40 years on fixed and rotary wing aircraft. We also offer shop space for rent on a daily or weekly basis. Waste oil and multi-fuel furnaces, boilers and hot water heater sales and service. Factory trained personnel can demonstrate and answer your questions. Most parts in stock. Call for a quote today!

Paint Dreams & Schemes
Das Paint

50 Years Experience        “The Maintenance & Refinishing Professionals”
  • Maintenance
  • Fixed & Rotary Wing
  • Complete Restorations
  • STC's
  • Fabric
CND4 Haliburton-Stanhope
705 754 9743
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Open Weekends by Appointment
Package 1 Basic paint job (From $5,995.00)  
Wash with decontaminant
Urethane paint
Vinyl ident on fuse sides

Package 2 Deluxe paint job (From $9,995.00)
Wash with decontaminant
Remove cowls, wing and stab tips,
flight surfaces, covers
Paint strip complete exterior
Alumaprep and rinse
Alodyne and rinse
Epoxy primer
Urethane paint, one color.
New hardware for re-assembly
Vinyl registration on fuse sides
Decal kit
Polish glass
Clean interior
Package 3 , Complete restoration (From $14,995.00)
Same as deluxe paint job plus:
Strip and prep all edge surfaces
Hand clean all rivets
Clean all internal cavities
Remove fuel tanks
Prime as necessary.
AV30 corrosion protection spray.

Other Services
Millenium Aircraft Services (fixed and rotary wing)
Annuals, Repairs, Modifications, Restorations
Complete upholstery and interiors
Fabric and dope
Fiberglass and composite repairs
AV30 corrosion protection
Complete polish and wax
Final prices quoted after inspection
of aircraft. Repairs, parts and
mods extra. Pants, gear doors,
wheels, etc. priced separately
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Keywords: Aircraft, Boilers, Waste Oil Furnaces