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By: Amiktech  09-12-2011

Amik Tech » Gaming

Well we all know that World of Warcraft has been an amazing success on every level and people are crazy about it. There is something about this pa

At this point, there have been so many Sonic games on so many different platforms, that you don't really need to run an old school Sega Genesis or Seg

Tokyo, November 12, 2009 – SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. (SANYO) announces the release of a ‘Contactless Charger Set for Wii Remote,’ produced especi

Although we were too late to verify for ourselves, both Joystiq and Scrawl swear up and down that the above three images, each of whom unfortunately l

Introducing the smallest and mightiest PSP system yet. With the PSP Go users can download the best digital games and movies directly to the 16GB built

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The latest addition in the Nokia touch phone portfolio, the Nokia 5230, is designed for those who lead an active life and use their mobile phone as th. It makes sense to release your mostly-theoretical desktop OS-based slider handset with the world's newest and best version of Windo. Samsung announced the launch of Samsung Blue Earth, an environmentally friendly mobile phone with a full touch screen.


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Good news for folks who against all odds don't have a home theater Netflix streaming option yet, and yet inexplicably own an internet-connected Sony B.


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After our mixed feelings on the HP Envy 13, we were excited but also a little bit scared to see the 13's big brother, the Envy 15. Almost every person dreams to make nice income so that they can enjoy a better life. The Internet is among the many great opportunities where by y.


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Today Technology make work more easier for us to archive our works within few minutes and today in this fast moving world we can easily use latest. Well we know that time is most important for successful business and if we are running a small business and we still using hand written invoicing. Canon's EOS 7D is a pretty grandiose piece of image-recording equipment, whether you're talking about its size, features or price.


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Mobile phone deals - TomTom's probably still dizzy from the hit that Google laid on it just a few days ago. It looks like iPod touch users pondering the somewhat pricey proposition offered by TomTom's Car Kit now finally have an. At least TomTom and Navigon were able to sell a few rounds of their pricey iPhone GPS application before Google went.